Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who Made You a Princess?

Author: Shelley Adina
Publisher: Faith Words
May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-17962-1
Genre: Inspirational/teen

Shani might have been born a heiress, but she knows when she’s not wanted. She was a mistake and her mother doesn’t hesitate to let Shani, and anyone else know that little detail. But still, Shani doesn’t lack for anything. She attends a private school, attends all the hottest concerts and is supplied with every want that money can buy.

Except one. Shani wants Danyel Johnstone. She was imagining that they were just beginning to develop mutual feelings for each other but when she approaches Danyel to see if he possibly felt the same, he kindly but gently shot her down. But all is not lost. After all, Shani intends to get her man, and intends to let nothing stand in her way.

But then she learns that the Prince Rashid al Amir has been sent to her private school to prepare for an eventual MBA at Stanford as well as to romance Shani…his future wife. Shani can’t believe her parents believe in this archaic tradition, but it seems they do, and have practiced it for generations. Will Shani fulfill her family duties and become a princess? Or will she continue her pursuit of Danyel?

I couldn’t really relate to the story in WHO MADE YOU A PRINCESS? at all. Written in more modern slang, possibly some of it ebotics, I had a lot of trouble understanding it the way it was written. And living in a more rural, more Caucasian area of the country, I had never heard slang like what was used in the book. So, while this is a contemporary romance, I am definitely not a qualified reviewer for this book.

That being said, if you live in a more urban area and are more current with slang terms then this might be a romance that you will be able to get into. A Prince, real girls, black churches with strong worship teams, and handsome guys—there is a lot to like. So, while the audience for this book might be severely limited by the writing, and it is probably considered dated as slang tends to change and evolve quickly, it is a book that will appeal to some…I’d suggest checking it out of a library first before purchasing to make sure it’s a book you’d want to spend money on. $9.99. 228 pages.

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