Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana

Author: Melanie Dobson
Publisher: Summerside Press
ISBN: 978-1-934770-74-0
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Anna Brent and her father run a safe-house on the underground railroad. But the town is unaware of their activities. After all, most of the people in town are for slavery, and believe the slaves should be returned to their rightful owners. But as Anna and her father witness the condition of the slaves as they arrive, and hear their tales, they are convinced that helping them get to Canada is the right thing to do.

Daniel Stanton is new in town, but he has already made a stand for freedom. He’s been fired from his last two newspaper jobs since he’s so anti-slavery. His sister is terrified that he will not be able to keep the job in Liberty, Indiana. Yet, Daniel can’t understand why his sister can turn such a blind eye to the fate of their colored neighbors.

Yet, harboring slaves is a dangerous mission. Anyone caught assisting them is subject to imprisonment—or worse. So, when Anna’s secret work is threatened, can she trust Daniel to help the slaves on the next step of the journey?

LOVE FINDS YOU IN LIBERTY, INDIANA is another great read by this new publisher. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Anna and Daniel, and the secondary characters. The cover is kind of dark and spooky looking, but it does adequately portray the fear and the tension that the people in the story feel at times. There is a touch of suspense, and enough conflict to keep the pages turning.

Don’t miss LOVE FINDS YOU IN LIBERTY, INDIANA or any of the other great books in this series. Anna will grow on you and even through the issue she champions is long over, you will be drawn into the story and feel the plight of the slaves as they desperately search for freedom. I especially enjoyed reading the author’s notes at the end of the story. $12.99. 348 pages.

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