Friday, May 13, 2011


Author: Donna Winters
Publisher: Big Water Publishing
April 1993
ISBN: 0-923048-81-2
Genre: historical romance

Aurora loved Harrison, but when he didn’t show up with the preacher on their wedding day, she knew he was dead. Luckily he wasn’t, but he’d been badly injured in a boating accident. When the weather calmed, some friends took Aurora to Harrison, but he refused to marry her, thinking that he’d never be more than half a man.

Aurora was stubborn and refused to take no for an answer, and so was Harrison’s new housekeeper, Serilda Anders. Aurora is convinced that Harrison is really in love with Serilda, but she doesn’t know whether to go home or to stay and hope Harrison regains his health and his senses.

AURORA OF NORTH MANITOU ISLAND is fifth in Ms. Winter’s Great Lake Romances series, set, obviously, in Michigan. It seems that years and years ago I happened across one of these books in a store somewhere in Michigan, but for whatever reason I didn’t buy it. I do remember seeing it though.

The story is fairly predictable, but it was interesting seeing what would happen to the characters to get them from the beginning to the end. I didn’t really grow to care for any of them, and the head-hopping was jarring, drawing me out of the story.

However, if you are interested in a historical romance set in very real tourist spots in Michigan, then you’ll want to pick up Aurora of North Manitou Island or any of Ms. Winter’s other romances. Available online at Amazon and at Prices vary by site. 300 pages.

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