Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project Dad and giveaway!

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Project Dad is a humorous and practical guide book written by a dad to other dads. Todd Cartmell’s warm and engaging style will have fathers laughing from the first few pages, and gives doable hands-on advice for becoming a better dad. This book will make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

Author: Todd Cartmell
Publisher: Revell
April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8007-1999-9
Genre: Inspirational/parenting

What does it take to build a great dad?

Men like to build things, usually, and Todd Carmell maintains that they can take this God-given talent to help them become great fathers.

Cartmell has a friendly and even humorous style of writing that will draw you into the book—taking you on an action-packed journey into becoming the dad God intended for you to be—and the dad your kids want you to be.

Some statistics, in case you’re wavering:

. Boys whose fathers offered praise and compliments performed better on tests of cognitive achievement.
. Harsh and inconsistent discipline by fathers has a negative effect on their son’s emotional behavior.
. High levels of father involvement mean fewer behavior problems.

In the pages of PROJECT DAD, you will learn how to:

. look at your children
. talk to your children
. connect with your children
. act toward your children
. lead your children

You already have the raw materials available. Now all you have to do is pick up this blueprint and start building.

PROJECT DAD is, as it says on the cover, the complete do-it-yourself guide for becoming a great father. This book is a necessity for all dads, whether your children are not-yet born, babies, or even teenagers. It might even be helpful for dad’s whose children are grown if they want to find ways to reach their sons.
I highly recommend PROJECT DAD for both your personal library, and the church library. This would also be a good gift for father’s day. $12.99. 225 pages.

What makes a great dad? Or, what are some memories of your dad? Answer the question and leave your email address (in this format janedoe at yahoo dot com to possibly win a copy of this book. Void where prohibed by law.


C.C. Almon said...

cc at thealmons dot com

I'd love to win this book for my hubby Russ. What makes a great dad is quality time, love, and being involved in your child(ren)'s life!

Judy said...

When I was 6, my Sister 9 and my Brother 3, my Mom left us. My Dad took over being Mother and Father and brought us up in a Christian home. I Praise God for my Godly Father!

Karen said...

I would love to have my husband win. He's such a terrific father, and is deployed to Afghanistan in the Army. For now, this would be a great book to read until he can be home with us again. He's been in the army 22 years, and this is hopefully the last deployment he'll have. I'm praying he can retire soon. We both grew up in Christian families, and we are thankful to be raising our son in the same atmosphere. God bless you for the contest. Thank you. Karen

Penelope Powell said...

Sounds like a great Father's Day gift. Hope I win.

Ann Lee Miller said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win Project Dad!