Friday, May 20, 2011

The Hidden Gifts of Helping

Author: Stephen G. Post
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
February 2011
ISBN: 978-0470887813
Genre: Self-help

“Everyone stumbles on hard times. After all, mo one gets out of life alive. Today, even those who had considered themselves protected from hardship are being touched and their lives changed by volatile economic markets, job uncertainty, and the increasing isolation ad loneliness of modern life…”

Researchers have discovered that when we show concern for others, such as empathizing with a friend who lost a loved one or has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, doing yard work for an elderly neighbor, or volunteering to mentor a child, we improve our own health and well-being and embrace and give voice to our deeper identity and dignity as human beings.

Stephen Post takes the time in THE HIDDEN GIFTS OF HELPING to show us how we can make “helping” a lifetime activity. The book shares Post’s personal story and his family’s experience with how helping people changed their lives.

The book is filled with personal stories, supporting scientific research, and spiritual understanding. THE HIDDEN GIFTS OF HELPING includes questionnaires, scripture, and applications for you to find your own gifts, as well as other things. Invaluable resource for pastors and lay members alike. If more people learned from the ideas in this book, not only would their lives improve, but so would society as a whole. $19.95 hardcover. 224 pages.

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