Friday, August 19, 2011

The Colonel's Lady

Author: Laura Frantz
Publisher: Revell
August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3341-4
Genre: Inspirational/historical romance

Roxanne was raised to be a genteel Virginia woman, but when her mother dies and her fiancé dumps her, she travels to the wilds of Kentucky to reach a remote fort where her father is stationed. But when Roxanne arrives, she is crushed to learn that her father had been killed in the line of duty.

Colonel Cassius McLinn promised her dying father he’d take care of Roxie, still, the last thing he expects is to find her there in the Fort—especially since he’d assumed her safely back in Virginia. But he can’t help but be attracted to the lovely Roxie. Still, he knows their love is doomed—especially once she learns the truth of her father’s death.

Then the war takes a dangerous turn. There is a dangerous person sequestered in the fort, trying to kill the Colonel. Worse, Cass’ own brother is leading the attack against him—on the enemy’s side. The fort is a-buzz with intrigue. But will Cass and Roxie even live long enough to find love—or will she forgive him for the horrible secret he carries?

THE COLONEL’S LADY is the second book I read by Ms. Frantz, but it won’t be the last. I loved Courting Morrow Little and looked forward to reading this book. I was very happy when it appeared in my to-be-read pile.

Roxanne is a charming heroine, lost and confused, but caring and considerate to the others with her in her party, and very brave when the situations arose where she needed to be. Cass was the typical tall and handsome hero, but while he was an officer and a gentleman, he was also dangerous, feared, and precise. I couldn’t help but fall in love with both Cass and Roxie and even some of the secondary characters in the book.

While traveling on a candidating trip, I had an opportunity to visit one of the historical military forts in person, and I found Ms. Frantz’s descriptions of them quite accurate. I could almost see the officer’s housing, the cooking house, and the barracks. If you are looking for a good historical romance, then be sure to pick up THE COLONEL’S LADY. You won’t be disappointed. $14.99. 408 pages.

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Laura Frantz said...

Thanks so much for your beautiful review! I'm so thankful you're my reader - your appreciation for history really shines through. And you have a lovely blog! Bless you.