Thursday, August 18, 2011

Healing Hearts

Author: Beth Wiseman
Publisher: Tyndale
July 2011
ISBN: 978-2-59554-920-4
Genre: Inspirational/Amish Romance

Three hope-filled Stories about second chances, trusting your heart, and the power of forgiveness.

Healing Hearts: Naaman Lapp left his wife, Levina, after 31 years of marriage. Now, eleven months later, he is home, wanting to take up where they left off. Levina allowed him back in her home, but it’s going to be some time before she allows him back into her heart. What can Naaman do to possibly win back his wife’s trust?

A Choice to Forgive: Lydia has built a life for herself when her fiancé Daniel vanished one Christmas eve. She married Daniel’s brother Elam, and they had three children. But now Elam is dead, and Daniel is back, and he’s asking Lydia for forgiveness and a second chance. Lydia doesn’t believe she’s capable of providing either. How can she go back to normal life with her long lost love as her neighbor?

A Change of Heart: Leah doesn’t care anything about the usual domestic work that an Amish woman does. She only cares about writing. Her daed is at his wits end what to do with her, when an ex-Amish Angel comes into Leah’s life. What will it take for Leah to find her way?

Each of these three stories was previously published by Beth Wiseman in another novella collection: An Amish Gathering, An Amish Christmas, and An Amish Love, and now they are together for the first time in an anthology entitled (appropriately) HEALING HEARTS.

I enjoyed each of these stories, and enjoyed reading them again the second time just as much. I love the cover of this book. I’m not sure which of the three stories I like the best—it was a toss up between A Choice to Forgive and A Change of Heart, but all three were good. If you like Amish fiction and the ease of novellas, then HEALING HEARTS is a book to consider. Discussion questions, a glossary, and some recipes are included. $15.99. 419 pages.

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