Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the Path with God

Author: Erwin W. Lutzer
Photographers: John and Debora Scanlan
July 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3936-2
Genre: Inspirational/gift book

ON THE PATH WITH GOD is a beautifully done gift book, hard cover, with absolutely gorgeous pictures in it, of pathways through woods and meadows, through cities and country-sides, and over bridges. It is lovely.

And not only that, but Dr. Lutzer shares his wisdom through scripture and thought about how to walk close to God. He starts with reading epitaphs in cemeteries, moving on to scripture, and then mentioning Enoch who walked so closely with God that he didn’t die, instead he just walked on to Heaven with God. Wouldn’t that be something?

This book is educational, inspirational, and pure meat for those hungering for God to speak to them. I loved the scripture references, the thoughts, even the applications, and I closed this book feeling as though God spoke to me.

ON THE PATH WITH GOD is a gift book that isn’t going to be a gift. It’s going to go on my bookshelves to refer back to time and again. You’ll want to buy a copy for yourself as well as for a close friend. $15.99. 50 pages, hardcover.

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