Monday, January 9, 2012

A Garden of Love

Author: Thomas B. Clarke
Publisher: Bible Discernments, division of Prayer Gardeners
December 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9816213-2-6
Genre: Inspirational/gardens and flowers/devotions

A GARDEN OF LOVE is a book dedicated to the ministry of Faith Chapel, where they have a Gethsemane Prayer Garden. In this one acre of land with (in 2009) nine flower beds including fifty different perennial flower varieties and up to forty different shrub and tree species and subspecies.

Tom Clarke has been the primary garden caretaker for a number of years with other volunteers from his church (and area) and the garden is open to the public. It is located outside Syracruse, New York, and a map with directions is included in the book.

A GARDEN OF LOVE begins with the author’s thoughts about the particular plant he’s writing about, along with a beautifully done photographs. It gives a short description about the plant, when it blooms, and its fragrance.

It is followed by a couple verses, a short prayer and thoughts about the verses and how the flowers relate to it, then a short application for us to remember as we go about our day. Each devotional is short, only one page—two pages if you count the photograph leading up to it, and doesn’t take long to read.

If you or someone you know is an avid gardener, then you’ll want to get a copy of A GARDEN OF LOVE for yourself or your loved one or friend. This is a perfect book for perusing, can be used for a devotional, and gives information about the flowers. I recommend this book. $19.95. 82 pages.

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