Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Keeper - and giveaway

Author: Suzanne Fisher Woods
Publisher: Revell
January 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8007-1987-6
Genre: Inspirational/Amish

Julia Lapp’s father is dying—unless he has a heart transplant. But Amos Lapp won’t consider a heart transplant since it means that someone must die in order for him to live. Julie is struggling with life in general, trying to care for her ill father, get the fields planted, manager her brother and sisters, keep house and marry her long time boyfriend, Paul Fisher. But then everything changes.

Julia’s uncle hires, sight unseen, a woman named Fern to come keep house and care for Amos. Fern soon takes over managing the family and bossing them. And then the Bee Man arrives and that means the end of the relationship with Paul. Paul seems to envy the Bee Man’s free, encumbered life and having “no responsibilities”.

Julia decides she wants Paul back, and under no circumstance will she take no for an answer. She makes the Bee Man decidedly unwelcome, giving him the cold shoulder. Can Julia get the life she’s always dreamed of? Or does God have something else in mind?

THE KEEPER is the first book in Ms. Fisher’s newest series, Stoney Ridge Seasons. This is the story of a family with multiple point of views, from the youngest daughter, M. K., to the sole son, Menno, to the father, the housekeeper Fern, and of course, Julia, Paul, and the Bee Man’s.

I was hooked from the beginning in this series. I did substantial research on bee keeping for a novel of my own and Ms. Fisher got the information right. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book. $14.99. 316 pages.

I'm excited to let you know that the author is sponsoring a special promotion for this book, including a Facebook Party and an iPad Giveaway! Here are the direct links for the promotions:

The iPad giveaway: Running now until January 17th
The Facebook Party: Party is on January 17th, and the winner of the prize package will be announced there.

I hope you’ll participate in the fun!


cjajsmommy said...

I've read many reviews and this looks to be a good book.

Suzanne said...

Hi Laura! Thanks so much for being a part of the blog tour for "The Keeper"--and so glad I got the bee info correct! I interviewed a family of beekeepers and read a couple of books. Now I want to have my own hive in the garden. :)
Thanks again, Laura. Blessings to you in 2012! Warmly, Suzanne