Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The One Who Waits for Me

Author: Lori Copeland
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
August 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7369-3018-5
Genre: Inspirational/historical

Three men, Preach, Pierce, and Gray Eagle are returning to their homes after the war between the states. One is Indian, but the best learned of the trio. Pierce was a Yankee soldier, and the other two fought for the confederate side. They are anxious to get back to their respective homes, dreaming of hot food and soft beds.

Beth and her sister Joanie had just lost their parents to a serious illness and are desperate to escape the clutches of a wicked uncle and cousin. So Beth sets fire to their home but she and Joanie are overcome with smoke before they could escape. Preach, Pierce and Gray Eagle ride in to the rescue, but things rapidly go from bad to worse.

Before they can make their escape, Joanie dies and a third woman, Trella, gives birth in the middle of the road. The men save Joanie’s life and deliver the baby, but what else could possibly go wrong before they get home?

THE ONE WHO WAITS FOR ME starts out with a prologue in the men’s point of view that really sets the stage for the story. This prologue is necessary and must be read to be able to understand why these three men are traveling together and where they are going. The first chapter starts with a death (a prerequisite for a historical) and Beth setting fire to her house. But in trying to escape everything that possibly can go wrong does.

Some of the events that happen really feel contrived and forced, but the reader has to keep reading to see what happens and how the situations are resolved. The three men are truly heroes, between the three of them to know how to fix almost anything. This is a nice change from the weak heroes and the super powerful heroines that most historical romances prefer, but on the other hand…well…it wasn’t completely realistic. Still, if you are looking for a historical romance that is different than the usual War-Between-the-States-Ending then THE ONE WHO WAITS FOR ME is the book you waited for. $13.99. 320 pages.

I received this book in return for review from the publicist.

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