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The One Success Habit You Can't Do Without

Author: Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
August 17, 2012
ISBN: 978-1478326304
Genre: Self-Help

THE ONE SUCCESS HABIT YOU CAN’T DO WITHOUT is a book about the most essential ingredient required for success in this competitive and confusing world. It is more than time management and more than habits.

Dr. Lybrand takes the reader on an adventure from defining success in a personal and useful way, to understanding the power of systems thinking, to eventually focus on the most powerful ability anyone who succeeds can cultivate as a daily habit: The ability to get done every day exactly what you mean to get done.

Imagine what it could mean if you understand exactly why and how to transform what you accomplish on a day-to-day basis. The most interesting point of THE ONE SUCCESS HABIT is how the book is written to engage the reader in a non-stop experience of reading from beginning to end. In a way, Dr. Lybrand doesn't give the reader an 'off ramp' once the book begins. Get ready for a fun read that can also change your life.

THE ONE SUCCESS HABIT is a self-help book  that is clearly inspirational and friendly. Written in an across-the-table style, it is engaging and inter-active, meaning that at the end of the short chapters there are questions to consider-and I suggest writing the answers and your notes in a notebook. No lines included in the book, and sometimes, little room.

THE ONE SUCCESS HABIT is a book you will read once—then probably want to turn around and read it again. Encouraging. Engaging. Smart. 130 pages. $9.97. 

I Really Want to Achieve Something But How Do I Get There?
The One Success Habit You Can’t Do Without offers a powerful, revitalizing way to live.

Organization, productivity and good habits all appear to be part of successful endeavors. However, many of us don’t know how to use these to reach our goals with true success. Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand, motivational speaker, writer and “human behavior expert,” with his newest release, The One Success Habit You Can’t Do Without (Kauffman Burgess Press, February 2013), continues with his warm, witty conversational advice that brings fresh clarity to the age old question of how to get organized…get moving…and shift our actions towards a new level of daily success.

Amazon reviewer Brian S. Norman states, “Getting side-tracked and guilty doing things that really aren’t that important to you? Have you filled a day with activity, but just don’t feel like you are moving ahead? Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things screaming for your attention each day? Are you putting off something, afraid of failure? If you are in any of these situations or just want to advance your already strong performance, I would encourage you to readThe One Success Habit.”

Lybrand helps readers—whether in their personal lives or on the job—to finally discover the simple key to side-stepping the frustrating daily efforts that only bring discouragement and defeat. Instead, he helps you to declare victory with one indispensable “success habit” that proves remarkably profound, powerful and revitalizing.  
In the first chapters, Lybrand helps readers define their destination, set goals the right way, light a “motivational fire” in their hearts, understand how to make habits their “servants,” remove a serious stumbling block, the “number one enemy” to success—and more. Only after revealing these key, foundational insights does Lybrand clearly present the vital “one habit”—taking the everyday “to-do” list to a level far beyond anything most have ever conceived. Moreover, he shows readers how to painlessly make the process a natural, trustworthy part of their lives—and more importantly, how to allow it to transform the daily agenda.

“The more I read into this book, the more I realized that it was describing me,” writes one reader. “I’ll admit that I, too, fall into the everyday trap of busyness without getting the right things done. But Fred led me to an ‘aha’ moment, and I understood the ‘why’ of what we can or cannot accomplish. Better than that, I found real tools to do something about it.”

The book includes a four-part appendix, filled with hands-on, practical helps for making the most of your schedule and long-term goals, such as creating a ”May-Do Catalog” and “Master List System” and establishing special “Edison” days to deliver major breakthroughs in organizational and project focus.

Dr. Fred R. Lybrand, married for 30 years to Jody and the father of five, has authored six books as well as The Writing Course. Fred has helped many organizations in many industries, including major oil and gas companies, insurance firms, restaurant chains, health technology pioneers, and even the U.S. Air Force to achieve higher levels of  productivity and performance.

The One Success Habit You Can’t Do Without
Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand
Kauffman Burgess Press, February 2013
ISBN 9781478326304

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