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Anna's Healing

Anna's Healing 

Plain and Simple Miracles #1

Paperback, ebook

October 1, 2015

by Vannetta Chapman

  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
  • ISBN-13: 978-0736956031

Anna's Healing is the first book in a brand-new collection from popular author Vannetta Chapman. These stories of love and family and Amish community in Oklahoma tell of the miracles that can happen when lives are lived in service to God and to one another.
When a tornado strikes the farms surrounding Cody's Creek, Anna Schwartz's life is changed forever. She suffers a spinal cord injury and suddenly finds herself learning to live as a paraplegic.
Three people--Chloe Roberts, Jacob Graber, and Ruth Schwartz--join forces to help Anna through her darkest days. Chloe is an Englischer who writes for the local paper. Jacob has recently arrived in town and stays on as a hired hand at her uncle's. And Ruth is her grandmother, a woman of deep faith and a compassionate spirit.
Then one morning Anna wakes and finds herself healed. How did it happen? Why did it happen? And what is she to do now? Her life is again turned upside down as the world's attention is drawn to this young Amish girl who has experienced the unexplainable.

My thoughts: Wow, what a story!  In Ms. Chapman's trademark style, ANNA'S HEALING tells the story of a twenty-four year old woman who survives a devastating tornado--but is forever changed. When the tornado leaves her spinal cord injury, she is paralyzed--and there is nothing that can be done.  Except... is there?

Jacob is a wanderer, going from Amish community to Amish community as a migrant worker. He was planning on going to Pinecraft Florida when fate (or was it Gotte) led him to Oklahoma where he worked for Anna's onkle.  Jacob is there when the tornado comes, and is able to save Anna's life when the second tornado comes--but even he is not the answers to their problems. 

A spellbinding, page turning story of one woman's journey.  This is more women's fiction that romance, but there is a little romance included in the pages. A great read that will stay with you long after closing the pages of the book. 5 stars. 

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