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Bachelor Father

Bachelor Father 

Upstate NY . . . where love is a little sweeter #1

ebook, hardcover

by Jean C. Gordon

  • Print Length: 192 pages
  • Publication Date: May 1, 2012

Brett Cahill is a typical bachelor. Someday he'll settle down with a wife and have kids--but just not yet. Then, his sister and her husband are killed in an accident, leaving him with Jake, the Korean toddler they were in the process of adopting. But in order for Brett's application to be approved he needs to be a married man and kiss his bachelor days good-bye.Adoption caseworker Molly Hennessey is determined to place every child in her caseload in a happy home with two loving parents--the type of caring home she's always dreamed of having herself. Determined, that is, until Brett Cahill comes along and disproves her lifelong perceptions of single parents.Molly holds the power to give herself the home she's always longed for and to give Brett what he wants most--little Jake. But will she realize it in time?

My thoughts: BACHELOR FATHER is, as others have said, a sweet romance. The version I read could've been better edited as some words and quotation marks were missing and the point of view switched without warning, leaving me confused. Molly started out as a jerk, an in-your-face social worker who was bound and determined to remove Brett's nephew from his home because Brett was single. But before the halfway mark she made a sudden switch to his side and came up with a rather shocking proposal when the agency she works for supported her previous agenda. 

In addition to the characters drinking beer and wine, there are some mild "bad" words in this book, and the Lord's name taken in vain, and some misuses of words as well as some obvious errors, such one woman being introduced as his sister (20% through the book), and the next the same woman his friend and lawyer. The characters were rather flat and undeveloped, but it was a decent read. I would not call this a Christian romance, but there is a mention of a cross necklace and getting married in a church and the hero is friends with a pastor. Some more conservative readers will be offended by some of the content.  

If you like sweet romances  that are not Christian or if you don't care whether they are Christian or not, this is a book to consider. 3 stars. 

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