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All in Good Time

All in Good Time 

The Gilded Legacy

Paperback, ebook, hardcover

April 1, 2013

by Maureen Lang

Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 
  • ISBN-13: 978-1414364476

Denver 1887

Dessa Caldwell has a dream:
to open Pierson House, a refuge for former prostitutes, in Denver’s roughest neighborhood. But after exhausting all charitable donations, Dessa still needs a loan. Her last hope hinges on the owner of Hawkins National Bank.

Henry Hawkins has a secret:
he owns the most successful bank in town, but his initial capital came from three stagecoach robberies. To protect his past, he’s built a fortress around his heart that no one can penetrate . . . until the day Dessa Caldwell ventures into his bank requesting a loan.

Though Henry is drawn to Dessa’s passion, that same passion drives her to make rash decisions about Pierson House . . . and about whom she can trust. One man might hold the key to the future of her mission―but he also threatens to bring Henry’s darkest secrets to light. As the walls around their hearts begin to crumble, Henry and Dessa must choose between their plans and God’s, between safety and love.
My thoughts: ALL IN GOOD TIME is a book with a good premise, but predictable and very slow. The faith message revolves around the need to wait on God to make your way clear, not rush into things head on like a fool. I hesitate to call Dessa a fool, because she is called by God and is passionate, but she fails to listen to advice and she acts without thinking getting herself into all kinds of trouble. 

Henry--I'm not sure what I think of him. I didn't like him at all at first. By the halfway mark he was beginning to grow on me.  

All said the book is very well written, has promise, but falls flat with the execution of the writing. It is hard to maintain interest in the story when it's slow and easily put down.  I have read some of Ms. Lang's books in the past and absolutely loved them, so I had high hopes for ALL IN GOOD TIME. However, if you like historical fiction, settling Denver type fiction, ministering to prostitutes and other downtrodden and want a strong faith message, consider reading ALL IN GOOD TIME. 3 stars. 

About the Author

Maureen Lang writes stories inspired by a love of history and romance. An avid reader herself, she s figured out a way to write the stories she feels like reading. Maureen s inspirationals have earned various writing distinctions including the Inspirational Reader s Choice Contest, a HOLT Medallion, and the Selah Award, as well as being a finalist for the Rita, Christy, and Carol Awards. In addition to investigating various eras in history (such as Victorian England, First World War, and America s Gilded Age), Maureen loves taking research trips to get a feel for the settings of her novels. She lives in the Chicago area with her family and has been blessed to be the primary caregiver to her adult disabled son.

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