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Sweetened with Honey

Sweetened with Honey 

A Farm Fresh Romance #3

Paperback, ebook, audio

October 27, 2014

by Valerie Comer

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: GreenWords Media 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0993831393

His unspeakable past. Her insurmountable future.

Gabriel Rubachuk returns to Galena Landing, Idaho, once the setting of a charmed life before an accident killed his pregnant wife. Will he embrace hope for a new life or escape once again?
Beekeeper Sierra Riehl has spent three years helping to keep Gabe's health food store afloat while he worked with orphans in Romania. Now he's back, but it looks like he might bolt. Can she hold him still long enough to spark a romance? But Sierra's hope falters when she begins to suspect she can't give Gabe the life he deserves.
Is new love sweet enough to overcome the pain of the past and the uncertainty of the future?

My thoughts: Okay, I admit I read these books out of order, but since they are all stand-alone (sort of) it really didn't make a difference. Yes, the cast of characters were the same, and yes I knew how this book would end because I read the fifth and sixth books before the third (and second and fourth) - but I still enjoyed every moment of getting to know Gabe and Sierra better and the challenges they went through to get together. It also had me researching medical websites to see if maybe Sierra's problems were caused by eating too much honey - but I didn't find anything to support that. :) 

If you like to read series in order, they are Raspberries and Vinegar, Wild Mint Tea, SWEETENED WITH HONEY, Dandelions for Dinner, Plum Upside Down, and Berry on Top.

I enjoy Ms. Comer's contemporary romances and this series is really good. Gabe and Sierra have a chemistry between them, the faith message is strong, it teaches a good lesson about trust and following God's leading, and is just really a great book. I highly recommend SWEETENED WITH HONEY and all the other books in the series. 

Not sure about Ms Comer's books? Try one out for free. She has the whole series on kindle unlimited so they are free to borrow. You may find you like her books as much as I do. 

Not on Kindle Unlimited?  For only a few days, Dandelions for Dinner is 99 cents. 

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