Friday, August 5, 2016

If Ever I Would Leave You

If you harbored a devastating secret, had given your solemn promise of silence… what would make you to break it?
Ian Shaw can have anything he wants…
...except the woman he loves. After all, Sierra Rose is his amazing assistant, a woman who helps him hold his empire together, leaving him free to pursue his adventurous hobbies—his only distraction from his excruciating past… until now. But what if she is the one who can finally free him from his regrets?
Sierra Rose harbors a terrible secret…
...the fact that Ian’s favorite niece and ward, Esme, just might elope with her less-than-awesome boyfriend. Sierra’s made a promise to Esme—but her first loyalty belongs to her boss Ian, the man she's admired for years. But letting herself fall in love with him risks the best job she’s ever had.
When tragedy strikes, sparks ignite…
...because Esme has vanished. Ian fears the worst--has she run away with her boyfriend? Or, has something more sinister happened in the wilds of Glacier National Park? It's a race against time, with Sierra and Ian caught in the crossfire of secrets, regrets and what-ifs.
The exciting prequel to the Montana Rescue series! Get your copy today—and jumpstart your epic romantic adventure.

My thoughts: IF EVER I LEAVE YOU was originally part of Ms. Warren's upcoming fall release, Wild Montana Skies, but the book got too long so she is using this as a prequel. A short story - that does leave me hanging, I came to care for Ian and for Sierra. I didn't approve of all Ian's choices, but Sierra was awesome, loving, caring, and trying to be above reproach. The faith message in this short story was awesome.  

I easily read through this in a couple hours and now am anxious to read the book! But that is coming this fall.   

Ms. Warren is one of my favorite contemporary authors, and even her novellas and prequels don't disappoint.  If you are looking for a good and a quick read for your kindle, go to the link above and check it out.  

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Marilyn R. said...

Sounds like this will be a great series to read.

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