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A Simple Wish

A Simple Wish 

Simple Gifts #2 

Mass Market Paperback, ebook, audio CD 

September 26, 2017

by Charlotte Hubbard

  • Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Zebra
  • ISBN-13: 978-1420138719

The Amish residents of Willow Ridge share their talents at the Simple Gifts crafts shop—and share the blessings of faith, hard work, and love with their community—even when family secrets bring unexpected challenges . . .

Making rugs for Simple Gifts has taught Loretta Riehl that an unassuming pattern can reveal surprising depth. People, too, have a way of defying first impressions. Drew Detweiler came to Willow Ridge under a cloud, but the handsome craftsman has gained the community’s respect for his upholstery skills and commitment to making amends for his mistakes. As her new brother-in-law’s twin, he’s joining the family for dinners and Sunday visits at the Riehl house, and Loretta can’t deny enjoying his attentions.

If only her dat were willing to let a little joy into his life. Cornelius Riehl grows more stern with each passing day, and Drew suspects there’s more to his moods than missing Loretta’s late mamm. Hoping to fulfill Loretta’s wish to live in a peaceful, happy home again, Drew sets out to learn the truth. It’s a journey that will bring to light painful realities—but also the chance to forge a new, honest, and loving future together…

Praise for A Simple Vow
“Charlotte Hubbard has a way of writing that draws you into the story from beginning to end.”
--Romance Junkies 

My thoughts:  Ms. Hubbard is gifted at the ability to have multiple story lines running through her books. While A SIMPLE WISH stands alone, fans will want to read A Simple Vow and the books in her Promise Lodge series. Well, all her books, really. 

Loretta is struggling to find her footing after her former beau, Will, shows up all apologetic for letting her father run him off and marrying some other girl he'd been intimate with even though he wasn't the father of  her twins. But then there is Drew, who is the father, but he's trying to be a better man, though Loretta sure tempts him not want to be. And then there is Loretta who wants to teach rug-making and not be her dad's stay-at-home, old-maid daughter for the rest of her life. She wants a home of her own. And a husband. And kids. 
Her dad on the other hand is a tyrant, determined to have his way no matter what the cost. 

With Loretta working in the same shop as Will, sparks are sure to fly--and not just from that direction, as Drew lives right across the road. And he's a bold one, baby, not one to go sneaking around behind Daddy's back. 

Fans of Amish fiction will surely fall in love with Loretta and most of the other characters in this book (because of course every story has a villain or two) and the continuing sagas of some of the other characters mentioned in the prior book. I was cheering for Loretta to fight for her dreams while wondering at her courage, considering her background.  And one of the other main characters won my heart too. 

Grab a copy of A SIMPLE WISH of your own. You won't be able to put this book down. 

I was given a copy free. All opinions are my own. 

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