Sunday, November 23, 2008

Journey to Judah

Author: Eileen Hinkle Rife
Publisher: Capstone Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-1-60290-091-2
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

Maggie Osteder’s desire to serve God in India is stronger than even looking for a mate. After all, most men don’t understand her desire to go off to a foreign land and become a career missionary. So, at long last, Maggie boards a plane and flies off.

When she gets there, she is immediately told her ministry would be more effective if she were married. And the perfect man would be the missionary doctor, Gavin Munsfield. But Gavin is engaged to be married to a nurse he met while stateside. Maggie is disappointed to learn this, but resigns herself to remaining single.

When Gavin’s finance breaks up with him, Maggie is there to pick up the pieces. But how can she marry a man who is struggling with his own issues?

JOURNEY TO JUDAH is the first book in the Born for India series. While next exactly the most well-written story, there is a message here that needs to be read. I enjoyed reading about the mission work in India, and about how they served the community as medical personal.

While the story is a bit preachy, it fits in with the theme of the story quite well, so it is not irritating. I enjoyed reading JOURNEY TO JUDAH and hope to be able to read more in this series. Don’t miss this new series by Capstone Fiction. Discussion questions are included at the end of the book, as well as a glossary of Indian terms. $15.98. 180 pages.

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