Thursday, November 6, 2008


Title: TRION.RISINGAuthor: Robert ElmerPublisher: Zondervan 2008ISBN: 978-0-310-71421-7Genre: Inspirational/Science Fiction/Fantasy
What would it be like if Jesus had come to another planet?
Those who lived in lush comfort on the bright side of the small planet Corista have plundered the water resources of Shadowside for centuries, ignoring the existence of Shadowside’s inhabitants, who are nothing more than animals. Or so the Brightsiders have been taught. It will take a special young woman to expose the truth—and to help avert the war that is sure to follow. (from the back cover)
Oriannon is the princess on the bright side of Corista. Her dad doesn’t punish her, but he doesn’t want her spending time with her friend Margus, because one of Margus’ ancestors used to work as a servant in the castle. Since she isn’t allowed to talk to Margus any longer, Margus invents a device where he and Oriannon can communicate without speaking—they can hear each other’s thoughts. This works great until a new music teacher arrives at their school. And even though Margus doesn’t seem to think the music teacher can hear their thoughts, Orianna believes he can.
When Margus decides that the new teacher, Jesmet, is a “faith-braaker”, he pressures her to spy on Jesmet. Oriannon really doesn’t want to believe ill of Jesmet, after all, he tells fascinating stories, and he’s such an interesting person. But while spying on Jesmet, Oriannon loses her way on the dark side of the planet and is taken in by an odd, cliff-dwelling people. Yet when her new friends are threatened, can Oriannon follow her heart, and maybe even save the planet in the process?
Trion.Rising is the first book in The Shadowside Trilogy by Mr. Elmer. Written for young adults, this book is sure to please any teen or preteen that likes to read science fiction or fantasy. The main character is Oriannon, which is female, but I believe this book would appeal to males and females alike.
Oriannon is a well-developed character that one couldn’t help but care for. The main secondary characters are also very well-developed, but the other cast are just there to fill out the cast of school mates, and we don’t spend much time getting to know them. Even though I don’t particularly care for this genre, I had to keep reading to find out what happens, how Oriannon managed to get lost, etc. Mr. Elmer did a stellar job keeping my interest. A great book for young adults. $9.99. 342 pages.

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