Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Roses

Author: Amanda Cabot
Publisher: Revell
September 2012
ISBN: 978-0800720049
Genre: Historical romance / Christmas

Celia Anderson’s husband has died, leaving her alone with a deathly ill daughter. She’s terrified her daughter is going to die when a wanderer drifts into town. Mark Williams is looking for his deadbeat dad who abandoned him as a boy. The  trail leads into Easton, Wyoming territory, and he finds a place at Celia’s boarding house, arriving just in time to save Emma’s life.

Mark’s trail grows cold in Easton. No one knows or remembers his dad and he doesn’t have a lead anywhere else. The parson is encouraging Mark to move on and leave Celia alone, but Mark is comfortable at Celia’s boarding house and plans to stay for the winter.

Two men are courting Celia, but Celia vows never to marry a man unless he’s willing to give her Christmas roses. A tall order for Wyoming territory where roses aren’t available in the winter. Will both Celia and Mark realize their dreams this Christmas?

CHRISTMAS ROSES is a charming Christmas story by acclaimed author Amanda Cabot. I love Christmas stories and thoroughly enjoyed this one. It is a easy read, but I took it slowly, so it would last several days, savoring each page before moving on.

Mark is a dear, and there’s more to this wanderer than meets the eye. And Celia is a struggling widow with a deathly ill child, needy one moment and very capable the next. The type of woman that all men want to marry.  Don’t miss CHRISTMAS ROSES. Beautifully done in hard back, perfect for gift giving. $14.99. 172 pages.

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Amanda Cabot said...

Laura -- I'm delighted that you enjoyed my story. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion with the world.

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