Saturday, November 24, 2012


Author: Frank Peretti
Publisher: Howard Books
October 2012
ISBN 978-1-4391-9267-2
Fiction \ Christian\General

What if all the bad things that happened to you . . . didn’t?  What if all the accidents, all the bad decisions, all the pain and suffering from diseases and cancers could just be – skipped over?

In a poignant story of love, life, and loss, Frank Peroretti crafts yet another page-turner of a novel.  Dane and Mandy had the storybook romance; married at a young age, touring the world as a magician and beautiful assistant, taking the world by storm and loving every minute they shared together.  Then a motor vehicle accident took Mandy from him, and Dane struggled to start over again.

At a small coffee shop, Dane is mesmerized by the 19-year old beauty who is holding the audience spell-bound with her magic act.  She is performing illusions that even he can’t understand.  More disconcerting is the fact that her mannerisms, her quirks, her very persona is familiar . . . hauntingly so.  How could this be?

As Dane and his new protégé establish and begin to build a new professional relationship, the uneasiness grows.  As does the danger.  And for Dane, the climax will be more than he ever bargained for.

Frank Peretti does a thorough job at explaining otherwise complex theories while keeping the reader firmly hooked with his masterful prose and winsome storytelling. 

5 stars,  498 pages. $26.99 U.S.

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Garry Lee Fryman said...

Not sure if I've missed this site or not. I do have dementia and get a little confused from time to time. Anyway, this is a wonderful review and I plan to borrow this from the library soon. I haven't read anything by this author in a long time, so glad you brought him to my attention again. Blessings, Susan Fryman

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