Thursday, November 15, 2012

Isabel's Secret

Author: Jan May
Publisher: The New Millennium Girls
April 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9835281-0-4
Genre: Young Adult

Isabel Morningsky is eleven years old and she is a tomboy. She enjoys riding her horse and winning races against bragging boys. Her best friend is a girly-girl and does girly things, but Isabel’s parents say she’s a good influence.

Her Boston socialite grandmother wants Isabel to go back to Boston to go to a girls school and learn to be a lady and if Isabella doesn’t go, Grandma plans to call her parents in on the loan and make them lose the ranch. Isabel is torn. She doesn’t want to go to Boston, but it’d kill her parents if they lost the ranch!

Then Isabel discovers a big secret—one that could change everything, if she has the courage to pursue it. Will this secret save the ranch—and keep Isabel from going to Boston?

ISABEL’S SECRET is a book for 8-12 year old girls that kept my ten year old captivated. She couldn’t wait for me to review it—she snatched it and read it in a day. I sat down to read it after the evening service and read it through in just a couple of hours.

This is a great book about culture and a girl’s dream. Isabel is a sweet girl, kind and caring even if she wasn’t a girly-girl. I enjoyed getting to know about her and her family. My daughter is anxious to reread this book and her review is:  “Isabel is like me and she’s energetic. She’s fun-loving and has a horse named Starlight. You have to read this book because it’s very very interesting and there’s kind of a mystery with the secret.” There is a recipe, directions for staying safe in a blizzard, and a craft included.  My daughter said she'd give it more than five stars if she could. $7.95.  150 pages. 

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Michelle Broeker said...

Sounds like one for me to get for my daughter. :) She loves horses!

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