Saturday, November 17, 2012

Help Wanted: Devotions for Job Seekers

Title: HELP WANTED: Devotions for Job Seekers
Author: Aaron M. Basko
Publisher: Judson Press
October 2012
ISBN: 978-0-8170-1723-1
Genre: Devotional

HELP WANTED is a devotional for the unemployed millions seeking strength for the journey.

In July 2012, posted that the U.S. recovery is weekening. Approximately 12.7 million Americans are out of work. Hoping to encourage the unemployed, underemployed, or badly employed, career counselor Aaron M. Basko has written this devotional.

HELP WANTED includes sixty days of encouragement and advice for job seekers and career changers. Mr. Basco includes scripture, practical suggestions and honest anedotes, in an attempt to strengthen faith and renew hope during the job hunt.

Each devotional begins with a verse. Then it goes into a short story mixed with Biblical truths and ends with an application and a statement of encouragement. Then it includes a short paragraph called “one small step for today” which gives you job hunting advice, such as update your resume or focusing on skills you have that might use, have, or want to acquire.

My first thought about receiving this devotional for review is that it has a rather limited audience. But I didn’t realize that so many Americans are out of work. Chances are that you know someone who is looking for work—or you may be yourself.  If so, HELP WANTED is a devotional for you to consider encouraging yourself or someone else with. It does have an upbeat feel, is encouraging, includes scripture, and will help you apply practical and necessary discipline to the job search. $9.99. 128 pages. 

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