Monday, August 26, 2013

A Man in the Making

Author: Rick Johnson
Publisher: Revell
August 2013
ISBN:  978-0800720322
Genre: Parenting

The transformation from boy into man requires intentional guidance, education, and good role models. As a boy grows toward manhood, his parents can instill in their son the values and character traits needed to succeed in life.

Highlighting famous Christian men throughout history and the character trait that made each an outstanding model of manhood, parenting expert Rick Johnson gives moms and dads intentional strategies to help mold their sons into honorable men. The book includes men such as

•Martin Luther King Jr.
•George Washington
•John Wooden
•Abraham Lincoln
•Jedediah Smith
•Benjamin Franklin
•Leonardo da Vinci
•and more

With passion and practicality, Johnson covers all aspects of a young man's development, including his work ethic, education, and integrity.

In today’s society of broken homes, single moms, and dads that are little more than token figures, this is an outstanding book about what it takes to turn our sons into men that we can be proud of. It is readable, approachable, and godly, making this one of the few parenting books on raising boys I’ve read this year that I can recommend.

If you are a father, you need to read this book. If you are the mother of a father, get this for your son.  If you are the wife of a father, get this for your husband. Recommended for church libraries and pastor’s studies as well. $12.99. 208 pages.

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