Saturday, August 3, 2013

Road Trip to Redemption

Author: Brad Mathias
Publisher: Tyndale Momentum
July 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4143-6394-3
Genre: Family & Relationships / memoir

How one parent, desperate to do everything right, lost control—and regained his family.

ROAD TRIP TO REDEMPTION is a story of a family. He was on the fast track to career success, a workaholic who put his job in front of his family—in the name of providing. And he did provide. A beautiful house on the golf course, a new vehicle, and designer clothes. But then things started going downhill. They lost unity, he took a job in another state, they unofficially separated, and then filed for divorce after he had an affair.

God, through a miraculous intervention, brought Brad and Paige back together and he struggles to fit back into the family. Then he discovers a terrible secret their middle daughter is carrying—disguised as teenage rebellion.

In a last ditch effort, the family takes off on a wild, crazy seven thousand mile adventure across the United Stated and Canada, and as a result, the family gets to know each other again, they find unexpected blessings along the way, and they begin the pathway from pain and loss to recovery and healing.

In ROAD TRIP TO REDEMPTION, Mr. Mathias shares stories from the road about God’s grace, tells principles learned during the experience, and invites you to consider your own epic journey as a parent, and introduces you (if you aren’t familiar) with the amazing God has for you and your kids.

The story kind of left me conflicted – due to the fact that most Americans would be able to fund such an extensive, expensive trip. However, maybe, if it isn’t in your budget, an overnight camping trip to scenic vacation spots near home might work in its stead.  I also got the impression that it was a “Hey, Honey, lets take a long cross-country vacation and write about it. The trip will be paid for” type of book. I did feel badly for Bethany—and I did feel happy the family managed pull together and – for the most part – stay together.

Recommended for hurting and dysfunctional families everywhere, ROAD TRIP TO REDEMPTION is not by any means a pleasant, hours-curled up with a hot drink, book to devour. Instead it’s meant to be taken in tiny bites while you hurt and learn with the Mathias family. Notes and photos are included. Discussion questions are available online. $14.99. 257 pages.  

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