Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Get Offa My Case!

Author: Rick Horne
Publisher: Shepherd Press
March 2012
ISBN: 978-1936908141
Genre: Parenting

God can transform us, the way we parent, and the atmosphere of our home--even one with a defiant teen. Parents who are satisfied with God's glory first will be able to glorify God in their interaction with an angry teen. Get Offa My Case! will help parents learn how to hold their teen accountable with respect and sensitivity. Our prayer is that the parent may be God s tool to bring about change in a teen s heart. This book will help the parent to find the joy of the Lord and re-establish godly family leadership--even if the teen doesn't change.

GET OFFA MY CASE! is a helpful book that I will be keeping and rereading. I have an angry teen—and have read so many parenting books lately it’s not even funny. This book gives helpful advice, and not only that but a strong biblical background for the parent to bathe himself/herself in before responding to said teen.

This is definitely a must read if you have an angry teen—or know one. It will teach you how to respond to them, how to pray for them, how to make their teen accountable for their own actions. Highly recommended. $12.03. 205 pages. 

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Judy said...

Thanks for your review Laura. This book sounds like it would be a helpful tool for my daughter.

Judy B