Monday, August 12, 2013

Boy's Passage Man's Journey

Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey
Teen to adult. Price $69.95
Liberty Alliance

When does a boy become a man? What does it mean to be a man? How do fathers turn their boys into men? Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey is a 5 DVD, 64 Companion Study Guide, and a 240 comprehensive book in a complete set (they are available individually for groups).

In five engaging video conversations with a father, Brian Molitor, and actor Kirk Cameron, Brian and Kirk discuss how to create and implement a family plan, how to live it, and maintain it.

Ø                Conversation One: The Power of a Plan
Ø                Conversation Two: Lifelong Mentoring
Ø                Conversation Three: Intentional Blessing
Ø                Conversation Four: Rites of Passage
Ø                Conversation Five: Brand New Man

Designed for fathers and sons, Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey is an eye-opening message of how to deliberately and strategically transform boys into productive and godly men.

Ideal for men’s small groups, men’s Sunday school classes, pastors, youth pastors, grandfathers, and fathers, this is an invaluable tool. Not just for men, but also for their sons. I watched the DVDs with my two college-aged sons, and they were impressed with the friendly, easy-to-understand approach, and it has a lot of good tips for fathers and future fathers.

The study guide has a lot of biblically based questions, but not a lot of room to answer them. I’d recommend using it with a notebook if you are the wordy type or don’t like writing in books.

The book that also accompanies the set includes information and invaluable help for helping boys avoid the pitfalls that come with adolescence, hope and plan for parents of rebellious sons, how to counteract hurts and disappointments, mentoring,, and more.

You can find more information on the Boy’s Passage, Man’s Journey series at Also available at Lifeway and other bookstores. Highly recommended. 

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