Monday, June 6, 2016

Guest post from Tricia Goyer + free offer

Summer is here, and one of my favorite things is spending time in nature and teaching my kids how to enjoy God's creation. To do this better my daughter-in-law and I created some printables! You can download them FREE here.

We've also created a large pack of printables that you can buy for $4.50

This pack includes 27 printables to be used for creating and connecting with God's creation this summer. These pages are mostly in black and white for cheaper printing (for mom) and because coloring is fun (for kids!).

Some of these pages can be laminated to be used over and over, such as the bingo or scavenger hunt cards.

The June, July, and August pages are "bucket" lists for your kids for that month, but feel free to be creative! For example, if you don't live near a beach or a forest, use your imagination to "pretend" you are doing these activities.

Color in the ones you complete. The goal to to help children enjoy God's creation.

This packet includes:
-June, July, and August bucket list activities
-a word find
-a natural journal sheet
-color today's weather sheet
-outdoor counting sheets
-color sheet
-nature drawing templates
-gratitude prayer sheet
-nature scavenger hunt sheet
-nature bingo sheet
-word match
-picture find
-cut, glue, and create scenes

-and Scripture color sheets
I hope you and your kids will enjoy them!

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