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Planted With Hope

Planted with Hope 

The Pinecraft Pie Shop Series #2

Paperback, ebook, hardcover

March 1, 2016

by Tricia Goyer  (Author), Sherry Gore  (Author)

  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0736961318

In the second installment of the Pinecraft Pie Shop series, you'll return to a town and a family you've already grown to love.
When Hope Miller is offered the plot of land behind the Me, Myself, and Pie shop to start a garden, she jumps at the chance. Finally—some space away from her four sisters! But everyone in town seems to have an opinion about what she should grow and how she should grow it. When the widower schoolteacher, Jonas Sutter, asks if his students at the Amish school can help turn the plot into a community garden, Hope only halfheartedly agrees, wondering if she will ever get the peace and quiet she craves. And will she get anything to grow?
The stories of friendship, community, and unexpected love within these pages will plant real seeds of hope within your heart.

My thoughts: PLANTED WITH HOPE is the second book in Ms. Goyers and Ms. Gore's The Pinecraft Pie Shop series, but it easily stands alone. Fans will want to read about the beginning of the pie shop in the first book, Made With Love.

I can't say I was really a fan of this book. There is zero sexual tension between the hero and the heroine. He is still mourning his deceased wife, but his daughter needs a mother, and Hope seems the perfect candidate because she loves Emma. Hope wants a garden where she can be alone and she is a bit selfish in not wanting to share her space especially when everyone makes it clear they want her to head up a community garden. I wanted to like these characters, but they were flat. There were more developed characters in the WWII journal that was loaned to Hope. 

Not up to the first book in the series standards, but there are some interesting recipes in the book as well as gardening tips and tidbits of history.  Fans of Amish fiction, Ms. Gore's recipes, or Ms. Goyer's WWII books might be interested in this book. 3 stars. 

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