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Counting on a Cowboy

Counting on a Cowboy

Counting on a Cowboy 

by Debra Clopton    

Contemporary Romance
A Four of Heart Ranch Romance book 2
Thomas Nelson 

After losing everything dear to her, Abby never wants to love again. But a certain cowboy spurs her to wonder if maybe love is worth the risk.

Running from a past that haunts her, Abby Knightly is drawn to the homey town of Wishing Springs, Texas, after her favorite advice columnist found love and a home there. Maybe this small town could offer hope and healing and a future for Abby too . . . if she's brave enough to reach out and take it.

Bo Monahan isn't interested in the new romantic destination his little town has become---or the women who might be looking at him like he's their next Mr. Right. Between taking care of his Pops and his growing stirrup business, he isn't looking for serious romantic commitments. But unexpectedly the young child he never knew about appears on his doorstep and Bo's world is turned upside down.

This confirmed bachelor might not need a wife, but he sure needs a woman . . . and newcomer Abby Knightly is definitely a woman. When she comes to his rescue to help him navigate fatherhood, he slowly uncovers her own history. And suddenly Bo's thinking maybe, just maybe, together they can help each other work through the problems of the past to create a future of their own.

My thoughts:  I was looking forward to this book since I read the first in the series, Betting on Hope. Unfortunately, COUNTING ON  A COWBOY didn't live up to the promises made by the first book in the series. It starts slow - with the heroine falling asleep, but even the immediately following accident involving a steer doesn't jack up the tension. It's just flat. These characters were undeveloped and I couldn't make myself care for them. It also seemed that the author got bored with it herself and decided to throw a baby into the mix. But she also seemed uncertain what age the baby should be. He's standing in a playpen when he's introduced, then he's referred to as a newborn or an infant, then it's a toddler, then they are putting him in a baby swing (which is for up to 3 months of age) then he is about a year old... Really?  Maybe a little consistency would be nice.  There is also no faith message that I can see. Abby goes to church once. Bo, never. 

If you love cowboy romances, southern fiction, or are a fan of Debra Clopton, then you might love COUNTING ON A COWBOY. It is set deep in the heart of Texas, with cowboys, small town appeal, and real quirkiness of some of the secondary characters who were introduced in the first book. 

I am looking forward to reading the third book in the series. Ms. Clopton's cowboy romances are usually fun and quirky, books that hold my attention all the way through. 

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About the author:
Debra Clopton is a multi-award winning novelist and has written more than 22 novels. Along with writing, Debra helps her husband teach the youth at their local Cowboy Church. Debra's goal is to shine a light toward God while she entertains readers with her words.

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A new tale of romance, family, and taking risks—don't miss Debra Clopton's Counting on a Cowboy! After losing everything she held dear, Abby never wants to love again. But a certain cowboy may just spur her to wonder if love might be worth the risk. As Abby throws herself into helping Bo navigate fatherhood, hope sparks between them, revealing that maybe, just maybe, they can navigate their dark pasts and emerge together into a future as bright as the Texas sun itself.

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