Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Plum Upside Down

Author: Valerie Comer
Publisher: GreenWords Media
August 2015
ASIN: B01293X0CK
Genre: contemporary romance
Series: A Farm Fresh Romance #5

Christian Contemporary Romance with a Farm Lit Flair

Topsy-Turvy... or Right-Side Up?

Green Acres newcomer Chelsea Riehl is annoyed she’s assigned to farm work alongside the only other single, a faith-filled hippie with a missionary vision.  She'd hoped to organize events and keep her heart safe, not pit plums with annoying Keanan Welsh.

Discouraged by Chelsea's lack of spiritual depth, Keanan is confused when she offers to arrange meals for the church Alpha program he is co-hosting. Maybe he misjudged her, after all.

When fake it ’til you make it gives way to stepping out in faith, both Chelsea and Keanan have some soul-searching to do. And while getting on the same page spiritually is a good start, other barriers may keep their budding romance from flipping right-side up.

About The Farm Fresh Christian Romance Series

1. Raspberries and Vinegar (free Christian Romance novel!)
2. Wild Mint Tea
3. Sweetened with Honey
4. Dandelions for Dinner
5. Plum Upside Down

Love farm life?

Plum Upside Down is the fifth novel in the Farm Fresh Romance series. This Christian romance series follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of a group of young women who purchase an old farm together in northern Idaho to grow their own organic food and prove to those around them that they can make a difference. These farm romance novels are stories of farm life with a focus on local food. The Farm Fresh Romance series doesn't pad the issues nor preach about them, but allows the characters the freedom to grapple with environmentalism and sustainability as believers. 

I really enjoy Ms. Comer’s books, especially the faith message that is included. She offers no apology for the message of truth, which in this case is loving Jesus whole-heartedly, with passion, and going, when He says “go.” She also shows in no uncertain terms how much Jesus loves "me."

PLUM UPSIDE DOWN started a bit slow, and Chelsea started out as somewhat a jerk. Keanan, on the other hand, I fell in love with almost right away. He might be odd by the world’s standards, but he was 100% sold out to God. I love the community of farmer/believers they both live in, and I am intrigued by Keanan’s choice of living in a silo. I’m going to have to research them. It is interesting reading about all the work they went into making the communal living work.  I’m anxious to read the sixth book in the series, coming soon.

If you like contemporary romances but shy away from “indie” books because they might be not as well written, Valerie Comer is not someone to be afraid of. Her writing is top-notch, highly edited and engaging. She is in the top-five list of my favorite contemporary romance authors. Don’t miss PLUM UPSIDE DOWN or any of her other books in this series, listed above.

4.5 stars. Available in ebook. 277 pages.

I obtained this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. 


Valerie Comer said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out on Plum Upside Down! In case anyone is interested, it is also available in paperback... or will be in a day or two :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the Farm Fresh Series and recommend Valerie Comer to your readers.

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