Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scripture Memory Songs

Scripture Memory Songs
Ages 8 - 12. Price $8.99
This Side Up, LLC

Scripture Memory Songs is a cd or MP3 download geared toward teaching children ages 8 – 12 years old memory verses, using the NIV Bible, complete with references.

In Scripture Memory Songs Ms. Jennifer Shaw has expertly divided portions of the Bible up by topics, such as “Show Down!” and “Lights, Camera, Action” and found verses suitable for each topic.

Bible memorization is an important skill that most Christians don’t utilize. According to Ms. Shaw’s press release included with the CD, scripture illiteracy is at an all time high, with most people unable to even name five of the ten commandments. Since we will be entering (at some point in our lives) a time when Bibles are forbidden, and even now with them available there are times we need to “hear God’s voice”, it is important for children (and adults) to memorize Bible verses.

Scripture Memory Songs engages children with catchy tunes. I like that the references are included, and I like that the lyrics (and verses) for each song are also included as the singers don’t enunciate each song very clearly, and sometimes the words are hard to understand.

My ten year old (who is in the targeted age group for this album) loved it. However, Ms. Shaw also says she hopes that adults will listen and learn along with the children. In my family, at least, the general adult consensus was, “Okay, that was weird” referring to the introductory songs to each section. And we had issues with the John 3:16 song—it says “God’s one and only son” when the words are “only begotten son” and that word change makes a world of difference in other scripture verses that refer to us all becoming joint heirs, adopted children of God, etc.

If you want to teach your children Bible memory verses using the NIV, then Scripture Memory Songs is an invaluable resource. Somewhat recommended with the above exceptions.

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