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Little Miss Lovesick

Little Miss Lovesick

by Kitty Bucholtz  (Author)

  • Publisher: Daydreamer Entertainment (November 24, 2013)
  • Publication Date: November 24, 2013
  • ASIN: B005NVFJ70
  • Genre: contemporary romance

Sydney Riley hears voices in her head... 

Voices that keep her sane and voices that drive her crazy. The one thing they all agree on - forget Dirk the Jerk and move on. 

So Sydney lets her friends drag her into the wilds of Northern Michigan where Little Miss Lovesick, the loudest voice in Sydney’s head, runs into - literally - the perfect man. Is hot fishing guide Matt Engel the man to vanquish heartbreak? 

With the vacation flirtation behind her, Sydney is ready to start again. Soon after, however, a difficult - and must keep - client demands Sydney work with his new contractor. Yes, one and the same Matt Engel, hotter than ever and right here in town. 

But when Matt’s past comes between them, Sydney wonders how to prevent another broken heart. As the rest of her life spirals out of control, she learns that sometimes a plan isn’t enough without friends to share the load. 

Maybe together they can even help Little Miss Lovesick find what she’s been fishing for. 

LITTLE MISS LOVESICK was marketed as a Christian book. I think it was mismarketed. Either that or it was written for extremely liberal Christians. The characters swore - a lot. I'm not talking mild swearing either, though there is plenty of that. There is also drinking--and getting tipsy--and plenty of ogling (wet white t-shirt with a black bra). I'm including that as a warning for conservative Christians (like me). They went to church twice, nothing was mentioned Christian-wise, and there is no faith message. 

The story, as secular (not Christian) was very well written and engaging. Might even be considered clean for the secular world as they didn't get any farther than um, first base. I loved the humor. I felt for Sydney - and even cared about her.  I liked Matt--and Sydney's co-workers--and all the characters, really. It was a cute story. 

If you like clean secular romances, give LITTLE MISS LOVESICK  a try. If swearing and drinking and thinking too much about sex bothers you in a Christian novel, then don't pick this one up. 

3 stars. 302 pages. Print, ebook and audible. 

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