Sunday, May 17, 2015

In Tune With Love

Author: Amy Matayo
Publisher: Zondervan
March 2015
Genre: Contemporary romance novella

They’ve helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples. Now twelve new couples will find themselves in the wedding spotlight in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.

April knows her job as maid of honor is to fulfill her sister’s every wish—whatever the bride wants, she will have. Unless it involves Jack Vaughn.

April Quinn loves her sister and wants to make sure the week of her wedding is the happiest of her life, even if it means putting up with Kristin’s every crazy whim. But when Kristin hires Jack Vaughn as the wedding singer, all sisterly devotion flies out the window. No way will she work with Jack after what he stole from her.

Jack Vaughn is supposed be beyond these small gigs. After all, he’s on the cusp of launching his first headlining tour. But accepting the job was a spur-of-the-moment decision, and it will mean seeing April again. Surely she has forgiven him for that one lapse of judgment so long ago—the decision that shot him to stardom and left her behind, writing songs and waiting tables.

As April and Jack keep appearances for the sake of Kristen’s happiness, they rediscover a chemistry that never quite fizzled out. But will they be able to rewrite two solos into a timeless duet?

IN TUNE WITH LOVE is unfortunately not one of the best books in the Year of Weddings series that Zondervan publishes. I’ve read some really great books in this collection (Denise Hunter, Rachel Hauck, come to mind among others) but this one by Amy Matayo ranks among the worst I’ve read. I’ve never read anything by Ms. Matayo and if this is an example of what she writes, I’m not interested.

There is no faith message. No growth. Other than Jack making a pact with God that if April isn’t in the bar he’s singing in, he might actually go to church a time or two. April was in the bar, so I guess he didn’t have to go to church. They use “Soft swear words” as I call them that more conservative readers will find offensive.

Both characters were immature and carried a grudge and well. It just didn’t work. This review is my opinion only. If you are a fan of Ms. Matayo, you might love this book.  

2 stars. Available in ebook. 80 pages.

This book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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