Wednesday, September 23, 2015

5 Minutes with Jesus

5 Minutes with Jesus 

Hardcover – ebook

August 11, 2015

by Sheila Walsh 

  • 192 pages
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0718032531

In this very moment, God offers you the gift of His presence.
Your life is hectic! Juggling family time, work, and church equals jam-packed days. You want to spend time in God’s Word, but the busyness of life keeps getting in the way. What if, however, you could take five minutes to invest in making each day matter?
With her signature honesty, vulnerability, and humor, bestselling author Sheila Walsh helps you find perspective in the midst of your fast-paced life. Every entry features a powerful devotion, a guiding takeaway, and related Scripture that will nourish you, sustain you, and remind you that you are not alone.
These five minutes with Jesus just might become the most peaceful and meaningful moments of your day.

My thoughts: 5 MINUTES WITH JESUS is a short 50 devotional book by Sheila Walsh. It is comparable to My Daily Bread devotionals. Easy to read in one sitting. 

It starts with a short story then has a collection of Bible verses, not necessarily from the same book of the Bible. It is good to keep in your desk at work, or beside your bed, or wherever you prefer to keep your devotionals, so you can spend your five minutes with Jesus.  

There isn't a lot of meat in it, but it will give you a spiritual uplift.  This is not meant for Bible study, but for a few short minutes with your savior. 

5 stars. 

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