Monday, September 7, 2015

Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life

Beyond Championships Teen Edition: A Playbook for Winning at Life 

Paperback and ebook

April 7, 2015

by Dru Joyce II (Author), Lebron James (Foreword), Chris Morrow (Contributor)

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Zondervan 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0310746157
  • Reviewed by: Jenna

In Beyond Championships Teen Edition, Coach Dru Joyce lays out the steps teens can follow to become winners on and off the court. Much more than a sports book, Beyond Championships Teen Edition is a blueprint for anyone looking to make better choices and reach their full potential. The book speaks to athletes aspiring to emulate LeBron’s success, as well as anyone who feels either uninspired or unable to change the direction of their lives.
In less than ten years, Coach Dru went from someone resigned to a dull-yet-stable existence to one of the highest profile basketball coaches in the country, despite having virtually no background in the sport. It was an incredible transformation, the type most people only dream of, but one Coach Dru proved can become a reality with the right combination of faith and hard work.
Beyond Championships Teen Edition focuses on the nine principles Coach Dru promotes to his players and tries to live his own life. While these principles act as the foundation on which Coach Dru has built so many successful basketball teams, their universality ensures that they can be applied to any situation.

My thoughts:  I really liked BEYOND CHAMPIONSHIPS because it had a lot of interesting stories and morals to apply to real life. Coach Dru Joyce II shared his own trials and joys as working as a coach and it was inspiring. 

I recommend this to anyone who wants to play sports, like to play sports, follows Coach Dru Joyce II, just needs inspiration. 

5 stars

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