Monday, May 5, 2008

Surrender Bay

Author: Denise Hunter
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-59554-257-1
Genre: Inspirational/contemporary romance

Samantha Owens is struggling to raise her eleven-year-old daughter, Caden, alone. Finances are tight, and when Samantha receives word that her estranged step-father has died and she’s the heir, she’s thrilled with the idea of a cabin on Natucket—it would sell for a million dollars and her struggles would be over.

Veterinarian Landon Reed has always loved Sam. He was heartbroken when she rejected him and moved away to Boston. And even more so when Sam returns with a child. Yet he can’t seem to stay away from Sam, and despite his best friend’s warnings, is determined to win Sam’s love.

But Samantha is not prepared to face her past—or Landon Reed. Yet both are still there. The still past haunts her, and Landon still pursues her, in spite of multiple rejections. Will Landon learn that no means no, or will Samantha learn what true love means?

I have read all of Ms. Hunter’s books so far, and all are great. I can’t say that SURRENDER BAY is my favorite of her books, yet it was still good.

Samantha has been hurt multiple times by love, and has built up a thick wall around her heart. Landon has only loved Sam since he was an adolescent, and he’s determined to win her back. If I had been Landon, I would have counted her off as a loss after half as many rejections, but he hung on like a tenacious bulldog. One has to admire a man that dedicated.

Over all, I enjoyed SURRENDER BAY and I recommend it. This book would be excellent to add to your summer reading pile. The story will stay with you for a long time. Discussion questions and an excerpt from her newest book are included at the end. $14.99. 298 pages.

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