Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nila's Hope

Author: Kathleen Friesen          
Publisher: Harbourlight Books
March 2015
ISBN:   978-1611164114
Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Just when her career as a carpenter and a relationship with Will Jamison are within reach, Nila Black's abusive ex-boyfriend is released from prison. He's out of jail, out for revenge, and making promises she knows he'll keep.

Nila will do anything it takes to save Will and her friends from the evil that will come their way if she doesn't put distance between them-even if it means abandoning her new-found faith.

It will take a miracle and an angelic messenger to show Nila that God is her greatest protector. He has never left her side, and He wants only the best for her and for the man she loves.

NILA’S HOPE is a story that addresses deep issues of physical abuse. It was hard for me to read, even though I wasn’t a victim of abuse, because it saddened and upset me that some men treat women that way.

Ms. Friesen handled this delicate topic with gentleness and caring, leaving a story of healing and hope. If you like issue driven contemporary romance then NILA’S HOPE is a book that you should consider reading. Recommended.

4 stars. Available in ebook and paperback. 282 pages.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain

Author: Kelly Long                                   
Publisher: Zebra Inspirational Romance
November 2014
ASIN:  978-1420135442
Genre:  Amish Romance

The Amish Bride

Like most Mountain Amish girls, Mary King has always dreamed of her wedding day. But she never imagined that a sudden, irresistible kiss would result in marriage to the handsome Englischer professor studying her unique community. Or that doing the truly honorable thing means keeping their relationship chaste so both she and Dr. Jude Lyons can someday go their separate ways.

But when Mary accompanies her husband-in-name-only to Atlanta to meet his wealthy, overbearing family, she's tempted more than ever by Jude's kindness, humor--and vulnerability. And when a wrenching misunderstanding causes her to return heartbroken to her remote Appalachian home, she's certain she's lost the real love they have found. . .and the shared future she's come to want so much. But a crisis of more than faith will work surprising miracles--and show Mary that love is strong enough to make the impossible come true. 

THE AMISH BRIDE OF ICE MOUNTAIN is a book I wanted to read for ages. I loved Ms. Long’s books with Thomas Nelson, but this was too… sensual, too ABA, too steamy, too much. I also disagreed about some of the things she included. An Amish woman being forced to marry an Englischer. Jumping over the broom to be married. No. This is Amish…  Or supposed to be.  Sex (or want of it) seemed to be all the characters could think about. The rest of the story seemed an after-thought.

I was greatly disappointed by this book and won’t be reading the second one in this series.  I got this book from and was not required to write a review, positive or negative.  I am doing it because I don't want other of Ms. Long’s fans  to be blindsided.

3 stars. Available in ebook and paperback. 352 pages.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To Win Her Favor

To Win Her Favor Tamera Alexander

To Win Her Favor

Author: Tamera Alexander
Publisher: Zondervan
April 2015
ISBN: 9 78-0310291077
Genre: Historical
Series: A Belle Meade Plantation Novel

A gifted rider in a world where ladies never race, Maggie Linden is determined that her horse will become a champion. But the one man who could help her has vowed to stay away from thoroughbred racing forever.
An Irishman far from home, Cullen McGrath left a once prosperous life in England because of a horse racing scandal that nearly ruined him. He's come to Nashville for a fresh start, hoping to buy land and begin farming, all while determined to stay as far away from thoroughbred racing as possible. But starting over proves harder than he'd wagered, especially when Maggie Linden's father makes him an offer he shouldn't accept yet cannot possibly refuse.

Maggie is certain that her mare, Bourbon Belle, can take the top purse in the inaugural Peyton Stakes, the richest race ever run in America. Maggie only needs the chance to prove it. To give her that chance--and to save Linden Downs from being sold to the highest bidder--Maggie's father, aging, yet wily as ever, makes a barter. His agreement includes one tiny, troublesome detail--Maggie must marry a man she's never met. A man she never would have chosen for herself.

TO WIN HER FAVOR is the second book in Ms. Alexander’s A Belle Meade Plantation Novel series, but it easily stands alone.

It absolutely broke my heart the way the Irish were treated back then. Some of the phrases were rather cruel and unkind to both blacks and Irish, calling the Irish “white niggers.” I never heard that before, probably due to the reasons I just said. Cruel and unkind.

However, the look at the historical racing world was fascinating and how both Cullen and Maggie become acquainted and start to fall in love was interesting.

In a way, this story was kind of predictable. It also had kind of a sad sort of feel, but it was realistic for the time period, for the trials the main characters were forced to endure, and for the story line. On the other hand, it was very well written, with real-life people starring in secondary roles, and obviously well researched. Fans of historical fiction, southern fiction, or Tamela Alexander will not want to miss TO WIN HER FAVOR.

4 stars. Available in ebook, hardcover, MP3 CD, and paperback. 384 pages.

This book was provided by the publisher and from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase a copy:

About the author:

Tamera Alexander
 is a best-selling novelist whose deeply drawn characters, thought-provoking plots, and poignant prose resonate with readers. Having lived in Colorado for seventeen years, she and her husband now make their home in Nashville, Tennessee, along with their two adult children who live near by. And don't forget Jack, their precious---and precocious---silky terrier.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Secret Refuge

Author: Dana Mentink
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
April 2015
ISBN: 978-0-373-44661-2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: Wings of Danger


Former parole officer Mick Hudson blames himself for the death of Keeley Stevens's sister. If he hadn't paroled a criminal, she might still be alive. When he hears that the suspected killer has been spotted in Keeley's hometown, he worries she might be the next victim.

Keeley doesn't want to take help from the man who could have prevented her sister's death, but she has more than herself to worry about. She'll do anything it takes to protect her family. And Mick will risk his life to make sure that the past does not repeat itself.

Wings of Danger: The path to love is treacherous

SECRET REFUGE is the second book in Ms. Mentink’s Wings of Danger series, but it easily stands alone. Fans will want to read the first book, Hazardous Homecoming, though.

SECRET REFUGE wasn’t as scary as some Love Inspired suspense I’ve read. It did take a while to get a handle characters. Mick blames himself for Keeley’s sister’s death, as he allowed for the parole of her murderer. Keeley seems to be living out her sister’s dream, photographing birds, sort of “dating” her sister’s ex-boyfriend, and raising her sister’s daughter. I wondered how these two very hurt individuals would get past all their issues to fall in love.

Mick wasn’t the typical “cop” hero. He is a retired parole officer. Used to dealing with criminals, but not the tough guy. Keeley on the other hand was very tough. One had to admire her bravo—even though she made some mistakes as a result.

I thought I had the suspense figured out—but then Ms. Mentink threw in a twist I never saw coming at all. Great read. Recommended.

4 stars. Available in ebook and paperback. 224 pages.

This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Every Bride Needs a Groom

Author: Janice Thompson         
Publisher: Revell
April 2015
ASIN:   978-0800723996
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Series: A Brides with Style Novel, book 1

Somewhere in a sea of tulle and taffeta, satin and crepe, Katie Fisher needs to find a key ingredient of the perfect wedding--the groom.

Small-town girl Katie Fisher is busy planning her fairy-tale wedding. Sure, her boyfriend hasn't managed to pop the question just yet, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't enter a contest in Texas Bride magazine to win the dress of her dreams, right? Anyway, she's sure he'll be getting down on one knee any time now. And a one-of-a-kind designer dress doesn't just fall out of the sky right when you need it.

But when Katie's boyfriend takes a job in another town and breaks up with her--on the very same day she wins her dream dress--her world is turned upside down. Dare she go to Dallas to claim her prize? And will the hunky pro basketball player who runs the beyond-swanky bridal shop--yeah, you read that right--discover her humiliating secret if she does?

EVERY BRIDE NEEDS A GROOM is the first book in Ms. Thompson’s newest series, Brides with Style. I know I say this about every one of Ms. Thompson’s books, but this is my favorite of her books yet. Katie is small town, sweet, innocent, lovable and centered in family. Brady, too, is centered in family. He is over-the-top kind, even to pushy fans, and intrusive agents. I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the characters in this book and I can’t wait to see what comes next in this collection!

Quirky, funny, with great one-liners. And quotes from Country Western legends start each chapter. If you like contemporary romance with a massive dose of humor, you will love EVERY BRIDE NEEDS A GROOM.
5 stars. Available in ebook and paperback. 336 pages.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unplanned - book spotlight

A first-year college student adjusting to life in the States.
A brand-new pregnancy center desperate for new volunteers.
A mysterious phone call from a girl who's far too young to be pregnant.

from award-winning suspense novelist Alana Terry

After volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, Kennedy Stern finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay for victory.

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Unplanned is the newest Christian suspense novel from award-winning author, Alana Terry. PRE-ORDER the $2.99 ebook today, fill out the form below, and receive:

  • a pre-release copy of Unplanned (no waiting for launch day)

  • the Unplanned Bonus Materials (go behind-the-scenes with deleted scenes, bloopers, character studies, and more!)

  • 30 Days of Prayer to End Abortion devotional

  • an exclusive 20-minute video from the author answering readers' frequently asked questions (includes  the story of the mysterious phone call Alana received that was the basis for the novel)
  • Sound like a good deal? Pre-order Unplanned from amazon, then fill out the form below. You will receive your free pre-release copy and the extra bonus pack materials in one to two days.


    Form not working? Submit your information here, or forward your amazon receipt to

    Synopsis: When Kennedy Stern’s childhood pastor asks her to volunteer at his new pregnancy center, she carves time out of her rigorous college schedule to promote the cause of the unborn.

    After receiving a disturbing call from someone far too young to carry a child in the first place, Kennedy can no longer blindly hide behind the pro-life platitudes she grew up believing. She resolves to locate the unknown girl but winds up entrenched in a mystery that grows more convoluted as it unfolds.

    Soon, Kennedy finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay in exchange for personal and political victory.

    Alana Terry has won awards from Women of Faith, the Book Club Network, Grace Awards, Readers' Favorite, and more. Unplanned was a finalist in the Deep River Books writing contest.

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    NIV Gift Bible for Kids

    Publisher: Zonderkidz
    February 2015
    ISBN:  978-0310748458
    Genre:  NIV Bible

    The NIV Gift Bible for Kids is the perfect gift for graduations, confirmations, and other special achievements. The bonus content explores the teachings, ministry, miracles, and parables of Jesus, as well as life in New Testament times, enhancing and enriching the reading of Scripture.

    Features include:

    • Words of Christ in red
    • Presentation page
    • Bible dictionary concordance
    • Book introductions
    • Presentation page for personalizing and gift giving

    The NIV GIFT BIBLE FOR KIDS has an absolutely gorgeous imitation leather cover. It is pink, with hearts and flowers. Both of my young daughters wanted this Bible.

    The type is tiny. This could be a bad thing, especially if the child you are getting it for is a beginning or struggling reader. My middle-aged eyes struggled with it—and this cool design will definitely appeal to some women (like me).  It does have some illustrations in the concordance which will help describe things.

    If you are looking for a cool gift Bible for your favorite 8 plus year old – or just like the design and want it for yourself, this is a great idea.

    4 stars. Available in print. 736 pages. 

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    Sexual Assualt Awareness FREEbook!

    Sexual Assault Awareness & Child Abuse Prevention

    1 out of 3 girls...
    1 out of 6 boys...

    ...are sexually abused before the age of 18.

    Know the signs of abuse and how you can help.


    Shannon shares her remarkable story of recovery in her
    award-winning book,

    Exposed: Inexcusable Me, Irreplaceable Him

    Download the FREE Kindle Edition
    available April 23-24

    Houston, TX- April has been designated as National Sexual Assault Awareness month, as well as National Child Abuse Prevention month in recognition of the pervasiveness of sexual assault nationwide. Sexual violence, including child sexual abuse, spans across all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. According to a Child Maltreatment report from theU.S. Department of Health and Human Services Children’s Bureau, 60,956 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in the United States in 2013.
    It is important to always pay attention to our surroundings and those we come in contact with. Someone may be crying out for help, and if we know what to look for, we can be instrumental in moving them from victim to survivor. Some things to look for include:
    • Behavioral changes
    • Behavior that is sexual in nature or more mature for their age
    • Depression (Abuse victims are three times more likely to suffer depression.)
    • Acting out inappropriately
    • Alcohol or drug abuse. Those who have been abused are 13 times more likely to become addicted to alcohol and 26 times more likely to become addicted to drugs.
    On top of the guilt and shame that abuse can bring, most victims know their attackers, which can lead them to be silent about their traumatic experience. Staying silent, however, does not lead to healing, according to Shannon Deitz, abuse survivor and founder of Hopeful Hearts Ministry.

    Deitz has the unfortunate firsthand experience of being a survivor of sexual abuse both as a child and as an adult. She sees the month of April as an opportunity to encourage other survivors to speak up and speak out, knowing that it is a crucial step towards healing. “The shame, despair and inability to cope with the painful events can lead to depression as well as dangerous behavior, as survivors tend to seek other ways to block out the memories and dull the pain.” comments Deitz. “My main goal is to help others see their worth and become the best they can be.” Through the power of her own story, she helps people see that they no longer have to live as a victim, but are worth so much more.

    For those who know someone who has been abused or assaulted, she encourages them to be good listeners. “Survivors want to know they are being heard and that they will be safe and protected,” she explains. “We do not need to be silenced because our situation makes others feel uncomfortable. To the contrary, we need people around us who are willing to listen and willing to stand up for us if we choose to go public.” April is important because the more people who become aware of just how prevalent this problem is in our country, the more beneficial it will be for everyone. Being able to share our story with others serves to help prevent future abuse from taking place. If there is a survivor in your midst, be willing to listen. Be willing to hear their story.”

    Deitz’s willingness to share her story in her award-winning book, Exposed: Inexcusable Me, Irreplaceable Him, as well as listen to other survivor’s stories through the Hopeful Hearts Ministry, has created hope and a safe place for abuse survivors of all ages and backgrounds.

    The “I Have a Voice” videos are opening new doors for outreach. After watching the video  ‘Child Sexual Abuse and Forgiveness’, a gentleman personally contacted Deitz in appreciation. “Your sharing of your story, your truth, was very powerful. It really hit home and I was moved by your honesty, courage, and willingness to stand up for and speak out on behalf of the abused child. Your ministry is powerful, important, and needed.”

    Deitz continues reaching out to those who are struggling through her speaking engagements, blog, Just Show Up, and ministry website. She recently held a gala event honoring abuse survivors that raised $27,000 to aide in these efforts.

    Plain Pursuit

    Author: Alison Stone                               
    Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
    July 2012
    ASIN:  978-0310748458
    Genre:  Romantic Suspense

    Danger in Amish Country

    When her brother is killed in a small Amish town, Anna Quinn discovers she's an unwelcome outsider. But the FBI agent investigating the case is right at home—because Eli Miller was born and raised in Apple Creek's Plain community.

    Eli left his Amish faith behind long ago, but his heart is rooted in a local cold case he can't forget—a mystery with strange connections to Anna's loss. Desperate to uncover the truth, Anna and Eli are faced with stony silences and secrets…secrets that someone wants to keep buried in the past.

    PLAIN PURSUIT is a good romantic suspense. Not too scary, but enough tension to keep the pages turning. Anna knows her brother would never kill a five year old Amish girl. Eli is just as certain that Daniel did it. Or at least held the answers to who did.

    I did figure out part of the “who-dun-it” early on. On the other hand, parts of the revelation surprised me, so it wasn’t all the way cut and dried. The story was interesting. A combination of Amish and romantic suspense… combining the best of both worlds.

    If you like Amish romantic suspense and missed it when it first came out, now is your chance. Available on kindle and in large print from Amazon. Second party-sellers handle the other two options.

    4 stars. Available in ebook, large print, hardcover, and paperback. 222 pages.

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015

    I Can Read! Noah's Voyage and Brave Queen Esther

    Illustrator: David Miles
    Publisher: Zonderkidz
    April 2015
    ISBN:  978-0310746836
    Genre:  Bible story
    Series: I Can Read! Level 2
    Ages 4 – 8
    Reviewed by Kaeli

    Noah’s Voyage tells the story of a brave and faithful hero of the Old Testament. Written in the I Can Read level two standards, with age-appropriate vocabulary and concepts, young readers read about Noah, a simple man with great faith and trust in God. When God asks Noah to follow his directions, build an ark, and put two of every animal on it, Noah and his family do what they are asked, knowing God would not steer them wrong.

    This I Can Read! series of Bible stories makes use of the unique features found in the NIV Adventure Bible such as “People in Bible Times” and “Did You Know ”.

    NOAH’S VOYAGE is the retelling of Noah’s ark in children’s language. It is easily read by beginning readers and helps to build reading skills and self-confidence when you can finish the whole book by yourself without an adult helping with the words.

    If you know a beginning reader then please consider getting any of the books in Zonderkidz I Can Read! series. I recommend it. It also helps to teach kids the real Bible stories and not the Veggie Tales version.

    5 stars. Available in ebook and print. 32 pages.


    Illustrator: David Miles
    Publisher: Zonderkidz
    April 2015
    ISBN:  978-0310746669
    Genre:  Bible story
    Series: I Can Read! Level 2
    Ages 4 – 8
    Reviewed by Kaeli

    Brave Queen Esther tells the story of a brave and beautiful hero of the Old Testament. Written in the I Can Read level two standards, with age-appropriate vocabulary and concepts, young readers read about a young Jewish woman who is chosen to be a queen by a powerful king. When she hears of a plan to hurt all of the Jewish people in the kingdom, she calls on her faith and steps forward, facing certain danger to save God’s people from the evil plan.

    This I Can Read! series of Bible stories makes use of the unique features found in the NIV Adventure Bible such as “People in Bible Times” and “Words to Treasure”.

    BRAVE QUEEN ESTHER is the retelling of Esther in children’s language. It is easily read by beginning readers and helps to build reading skills and self-confidence when you can finish the whole book by yourself without an adult helping with most of the words.

    If you know a beginning reader then please consider getting any of the books in Zonderkidz I Can Read! series. I recommend it. It also helps to teach kids the real Bible stories and not the Veggie Tales version.

    5 stars. Available in ebook and print. 32 pages.

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    Never a Bridesmaid

    Title: NEVER A BRIDESMAID           
    Author: Janice Thomspon
    Publisher: Zondervan
    April 2015
    Genre:  Romance novella
    Series: Year of Weddings (2)

    Meet the people who make it all happen - the planners, the photographers, the musicians who have helped orchestrate the perfect day for countless couples as they find their own happy endings in the second Year of Weddings novella collection.

    Can one bridesmaid undo the disasters caused by a poorly chosen maid of honor and save her sister's wedding from disaster?

    Mari's older sister Crystal is getting married, and Mari is one of her bridesmaids - actually, the last in a lineup of five bridesmaids, but that doesn't really bother her. Much. But Sienna Jameson as the maid of honor? Really? She might be Crystal's best friend, but she's ditzy and undependable on her best days. When the best man turns out to be hunky Derrick Richardson, the right fielder for the Houston Astros and one of Houston's most eligible bachelors, Sienna abandons her duties as maid of honor to chase Derrick, and it's up to Mari to make sure Crystal's wedding day goes off without a hitch.

    While Mari is wrapped up in dress fittings, bridal showers, and bachelorette nights, Derrick has taken notice of her devotion to her sister and her determination to make the wedding perfect. But between dodging Sienna's advances and watching Mari running around like a madwoman, Derrick is left to steal moments whenever he can to get to know this beautiful bridesmaid.

    When the maid of honor shows up to the ceremony late and more done up than the bride herself, Mari fears her attempts to make her sister's wedding perfect have all been for naught. Will the bride be up-staged by the maid of honor? Will the fifth-in-line bridesmaid ever be recognized for all the work she's done? And will Mari finally have a moment to revel in the magic of a wedding and dance in the strong arms of a man?

    NEVER A BRIDESMAID is the May book in The Year of Weddings series. I enjoyed getting to know Mari and Derrick. Derrick is truly a hero, kind and considerate to his fans, fun-loving and definitely multi-faceted.  Mari may be  hurt and disappointed by her sister’s choice of a maid-of-honor, but even though she was “last in line” she stepped forward when  no one else would, did all the planning and all the work and even paid financially for the real maid-of-honor’s must-haves.

    Even though this story is shorter (by about 15 pages) than the novella I just finished this morning, NEVER A BRIDESMAID felt finished and not rushed. I didn’t feel that the relationship was too quick or that he came on too strong. Definitely a story written by a professional. I loved NEVER A BRIDESMAID. Definitely one of the best stories in this series so far this year.   

    5 stars. Available in ebook. 85 pages.

    About the Author
    Janice Thompson got her start in the industry writing screenplays and musical comedies for the stage. She has published over ninety books for the Christian market, crossing genre lines to write cozy mysteries, historicals, romances, nonfiction books, devotionals, children's books, and more. She particularly enjoys writing light-hearted, comedic tales because she enjoys making readers laugh. In addition, she enjoys public speaking and mentoring young writers. She lives in Spring, Texas, where she leads a rich life with her family, a host of writing friends, and two mischievous dachshunds. Visit her website at Twitter: @booksbyjanice Facebook: Janice Hanna Thompson's Reader Page

    Monday, April 20, 2015

    Pinky Promise

    Title: PINKY PROMISE                         
    Author: Valerie Comer
    Publisher: GreenWords Media
    April 2015
    ASIN:  B00UULL89G
    Genre:  Romance novella

    Kelly Bryant's young daughter wants a daddy and sets her sights on her new best friend's single father. The man may be charming, sweet, and a believer, but Kelly is embarrassed. She extracts a pinky promise from her six-year-old to stop proposing to men on her behalf.

    Ian Tomlinson isn't looking for a wife but does need care for his daughter during spring break the week after his move to Riverbend. He hates to ask Kelly — and plant ideas in the girls' minds — but he's rather low on options.

    How can two single parents fall in love for real with a pair of mini-matchmakers pushing from both sides — pinky promises or not? 

    PINKY PROMISE is the second book in Ms. Comer’s new series, Riverbend.  I enjoyed getting to know Ian and Kelly. Both Ian and Kelly are single parents, and Kelly’s young daughter is desperate for a daddy, proposing to all the men she meets on behalf of her mother. Kelly and her daughter are both free-spirits while Ian is more organized, straight-laced, and single focused. He is afraid he’ll crush Kelly’s personality like he did with his first wife. But that doesn’t stop him from moving fast. Kelly doesn’t even know what’s happened before he is deeply involved in her life.

    I would’ve liked it if the romance was slowed down some. It was too much too soon and seemed to go against Ian’s think-things-through personality. Especially considering Ian’s history—he should’ve slowed things down considerably.  Also, Kelly’s backstory and the way she responded to Ian seemed as if she was in danger of falling for the same trap twice.

    Not a bad story. Well written. I would recommend it with the reservations above.

    3.5 stars. Available in ebook. 99 pages.

    Sunday, April 19, 2015

    The Inn at Ocean's Edge

    Inn Ocean's Edge Colleen Coble

    Author: Colleen Coble
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson
    April 2015
    ISBN:  978-1401690267
    Genre:  Romantic suspense

    Claire’s visit to a luxury hotel in Maine awakens repressed memories, threatening all she holds dear.

    In 1989, Claire Dellamare disappeared from her own fourth birthday party at the Hotel Tourmaline on the island of Folly Shoals, Maine. She showed up a year later at the same hotel, with a note pinned to her dress but no explanation. Nobody knows where Claire spent that year—and until now, Claire didn’t even know she had ever been missing.

    But when Claire returns to the Hotel Tourmaline for a business meeting with her CEO father, disturbing memories begin to surface . . . despite her parents’ best efforts to keep them forgotten.

    Luke Rocco lost his mother under equally mysterious circumstances—at the same time Claire disappeared. After a chance encounter reveals the unlikely link between them, Claire and Luke set out together to uncover the truth about what happened that fateful year.

    With flashbacks swimming just beneath her consciousness and a murderer threatening her safety, Claire’s very life depends on unscrambling her past . . . even if her family refuses to acknowledge it. Someone—maybe everyone—is hiding something from Claire Dellamare, and it will cost her everything to drag the truth out into the light.

    THE INN AT OCEAN’S EDGE is the first book in Ms. Coble’s new series, A Sunset Cove. I enjoyed getting to know Luke and Claire. Claire is a typical rich girl who had it all handed to her on a silver platter—on one hand. On the other, she is not at all as she seems. Luke is kind and loving, but suspicious and firm. I loved how he believed whole-heartedly in Claire even though he just met her.

    At first I thought this book might be somewhat predictable. I figured out who-dun-it fairly early on. But then Ms. Coble threw unexpected twists in the plot. I had to keep reading to find out what really happened… and what it might mean for Claire and Luke.

    If you like romantic suspense, you will love THE INN AT OCEAN’S EDGE. Great book. Ms. Coble is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors.

    5 stars. Available in paperback, hardcover, audio, audio CD,  and ebook. 336 pages.

    Purchase a copy:

    About the author:

    Colleen Coble
     has sold over 2 million novels worldwide.Seagrass Pier, the third installment in her acclaimed Hope Beach series, marks a new highpoint for emotion and complexity in Coble's addictive brand of romantic suspense.

    Find Colleen online: websiteFacebookTwitter
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