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Soldier's Christmas Secrets (Justice Seekers)

Soldier's Christmas Secrets 

(Justice Seekers #1) 

Mass Market Paperback – ebook

November 5, 2019

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Home For Christmas

Home For Christmas 

(The Wardrobe Series Book 5) 

ebook - paperback

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A Reason for Biscuits by Kathleen Friesen

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” (Matthew 10:42)

The rumble of a moving truck caught Anna’s attention, and she shifted the curtain to watch it drive away. A young woman walked out of the other side of the duplex, pushing her dark, wavy hair off her forehead, leaving a smudge of dirt.

Poor thing looked exhausted.

The woman swiveled toward the open door. “Stay there, Tristan. I’m just moving the car.”

Anna’s hand went to her heart. A little boy! She opened the curtain a bit wider. A small child stood in 
the doorway, dark hair like his mother’s and shoulders slumped.

Moving was hard. In their 53 years of marriage, Anna and Sam had moved seven times, finally landing in this duplex.Anna loved the park right behind them and schools nearby. Children used to fill the area. She enjoyed the noise, the activity, the liveliness of the little ones. Now those kids were grown, and old people like her settled in.

The little boy next door, however, didn’t look lively at all. Moving was extra hard on kids. Anna wished she could help, but her recent hip replacement kept her mostly housebound lately. What could she possibly do to welcome her new neighbours?

“Make biscuits.”

“What? Why biscuits?” Anna tightened her grip on the curtain. She hadn’t baked anything since Sam had dropped his snow shovel and fell into the arms of Jesus eight months and fourteen days ago.
Plain old biscuits didn’t seem like a proper welcome gift. Cookies would be better. Or maybe a casserole. “Are you sure?”

“Make biscuits.” The familiar, silent voice repeated.

“Okay, Lord, biscuits it is.”

A few minutes later, Anna shifted a towel-covered basket on her arm and knocked on the door of the adjoining home. It opened, revealing stacks of boxes behind the bedraggled young woman.

Anna extended her free hand. “Hello, I’m your neighbour, Anna Simons.”

“Hi, Anna. I’m Shanna Boyer.”

Anna offered the basket. “I made some biscuits to welcome you.”

Shanna’s eyes widened and filled. “Biscuits? Really?Tristan! We got biscuits!”

The little boy ran to his mom, his eyes sparkling. “Oh boy!”

Back home later, Anna marveled. Her simple gift had answered Shanna’s prayer for a sign that God still cared. Biscuits had been her mother’s specialty, one they missed almost as much as they missed her. God knew. And cared.

Anna bowed her head and smiled. “Thank You, Lord, for biscuits.”

Kathleen Friesen writes contemporary stories of faith that can overcome tough trials and deep heartaches. Her desire is for her readers to see themselves in the characters of her stories and to realize that Jesus Christ is the true hero for everyone, whatever their circumstances.

Kathleen and her husband recently moved from British Columbia back to Saskatchewan in order to spend more time with family in between renovations, landscaping and exploring new places. They’ll be overjoyed when the renovating part is done.

Blurb – Hearts Unfolding

Kennedy Rockwell takes pride in working for her family’s Rockwell Concrete Works, but she plans to branch out into her own landscape design business. Strong and independent, she is determined to succeed. Romance can wait…until Austin Warner turns her emotions inside out.

Austin works hard to achieve his goals, and the one closest to his heart is something he’s never really had—a family of his own. Kennedy seems to be the answer to his prayers until a small complication brings huge consequences.

Troubles from their pasts threaten to crush their dreams and push them apart. Can Kennedy and Austin learn to yield everything to the One who can grant them the desires of their hearts?

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Seconds to Live

Seconds to Live 

(Homeland Heroes #1) 

Paperback – ebook, audio

December 3, 2019

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Spotlight and excerpt on Missing Deposits – with #giveaway!!! by Leeann Betts

Carly looks forward to a vacation when Mike is hired to assist an association of ranchers in western Colorado catalogue their various mineral rights following the discovery of several large deposits. However, Carly soon learns that the real wealth—and the real danger—aren’t below ground. Someone is out to keep a secret bigger and more profitable than gold and copper. And they’re willing to kill for it.


Wednesday, November 18

Chapter 1

Carly gritted her teeth. Would they never get off this plane and begin their working vacation? Well, working for husband Mike, vacation for her. The door of the jet stood wide open, the ramp waiting for their exit, but nobody was moving.
She should have insisted on sitting closer to the front. But Frugal Mike—cheap to some—insisted they didn’t need to spend the extra few bucks to choose their seat. And besides, everybody knew sitting nearer to the back of the plane was safer in the event of an airborne incident.
Who was he kidding? No in-the-air event was likely to have a good outcome.
At which point, she’d reminded him that flying was safer than driving a car.
Not true of Bear Cove, of course, since it had no airport and only a couple hundred vehicles. Accidents were few and far between, and even more rare was a fatality.
Still, they occupied the seats three rows from the back.
Finally, the illuminated seatbelt sign went dark, and people filled the aisle, pulling all manner of carry-on items down, handing them along the line to their owner, or setting them on their seats. Inch by inch, minute by minute, the hundred and fifty or so passengers ahead of them filed out.
When she thought she would scream, Mike stood, retrieved their items, and smiled at her. “Our turn. Hurry up. What’s taking you so long?”
Then down the aisle he went, smiling and nodding like the life of the party he was, as though he owned the entire airline.
She sighed. Vacation. Vacation. If this flight was anything like what the next seven days would be, she’d return home more tense than she left.
And she left Bear Cove uptight for a good reason. Their return flight was booked for the evening of the day before Thanksgiving. Then they had the four-hour drive from Bangor to get home. And she was hosting dinner. Sure, Denise was cooking the turkey, and Sarah volunteered to look after desserts, but seriously? Who knew what mischief Doc the cat would get into in their absence? They could return to find he’d shredded the sofa or chucked up hairballs all over the dining room table.
Of course, Mike poo-pooed her worries, saying everything would be fine. And he was probably right. Didn’t stop her from fretting, however.
She followed her husband out of the plane and up the jetway, glad he took stewardship of their small carry-on cases. Especially the one with the wonky wheel. As he stopped to right the bag, she chuckled. If it was up to her, she’d toss it in the trash and get a new one.
Not Frugal Mike, though.
Welcome to Denver.
No matter how much she traveled, she never tired of that rush of excitement at being in a new place. Her first time in the Mile High City, so named for its altitude. She recalled her recent research that advised ‘lowlanders’—folks from sea level—to be sure they drank lots of water and limited physical activity for the first few days. Well, flying and water didn’t mix—at least, not for her. She’d make up for it now, though.
She dug her phone from her purse. “Mike, hold up. I want to get a picture of you under the welcome sign.”
His brow pulled down but he paused and posed, and she snapped the picture. Nope, that wouldn’t do. A stranger had inserted himself into her keepsake photo. She held up a hand as Mike turned to continue his trek. “Hold on a minute. Let me try that again.”
But the man seemed intent on remaining right where he was. She caught his eye and gestured with her phone toward where Mike stood, but he either didn’t get the message, or didn’t speak Carly-ese.
Maybe a different angle. She took a couple of steps to the left. Nope, the sun through the glass meant Mike would be in shadow. Perhaps the other direction? The stranger was now more in the frame than ever.
Well, it had to be done. “Excuse me, sir? Could you move aside while I snap this photo? Then you can stand wherever you like.”
In response, the intruder shifted a millimeter to his left and broke eye contact with her.
She clamped her jaw tight. Fine. At this rate, she’d need dental work before getting back on the plane. “Mike, let’s go on. I can simply cut him out of the picture.”
And out of our lives, I hope.

Leave a comment, and I will draw randomly for a print copy (US only) or ebook version (winner’s choice) of Missing Deposits.

About Leeann:

Leeann Betts writes contemporary romantic suspense, while her real-life persona, Donna Schlachter, pens historical romantic suspense. In the Money is the tenth title in her cozy mystery series, and together she and Donna have published more than 30 novellas and full-length novels. They ghostwrite, judge writing contests, edit, facilitate a critique group, and are members of American Christian Fiction Writers, Writers on the Rock, and Sisters in Crime. Leeann travels extensively to research her stories, and is proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary LLC.

Website: www.LeeannBetts.com Receive a free ebook just for signing up for our quarterly newsletter.
Books: Amazon http://amzn.to/2dHfgCE  and Smashwords: http://bit.ly/2z5ecP8

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Wings Like A Dove Kick-Off Package and #giveaway!!!

About the Book

Book:  Wings Like A Dove
Author: Camille Eide
Genre: Historical fiction/romance
Release Date: December 1, 2019
Can the invisible walls that separate people ever come down?
In 1933, Anna Leibowicz is convinced that the American dream that brought her Jewish family here from Poland is nothing but an illusion. Her father has vanished. Her dreams of college can’t make it past the sweat-shop door. And when she discovers to her shame and horror that she’s with child, her mother gives her little choice but to leave her family. Deciding her best course of action is to try to find her father, she strikes out…hoping against hope to somehow redeem them both.
When Anna stumbles upon a house full of orphan boys in rural Indiana who are in desperate need of a tutor, she agrees to postpone her journey. But she knows from the moment she meets their contemplative, deep-hearted caretaker, Thomas Chandler, that she doesn’t dare risk staying too long. She can’t afford to open her heart to them, to him. She can’t risk letting her secrets out.
All too soon, the townspeople realize she’s not like them and treat her with the same disdain they give the Sisters of Mercy—the nuns who help Thomas and the boys—and Samuel, the quiet colored boy Thomas has taken in. With the Klan presence in the town growing ever stronger and the danger to this family increasing the longer she stays, Anna is torn between fleeing to keep them safe…and staying to fight beside them.
Oh, that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest

my thoughts (Review by Marilyn):  “I think people dislike those they do not know because t hey cannot see the good in others.”  One of Anna’s insights about the struggles and differences she observed in the fictional town of Corbin, Indiana where she found herself after leaving her Jewish family and community.

Wings like a Dove by Camille Eide is a poignant and heart wrenching story of bigotry and intolerance to immigrants or anyone who was different from the leaders of the town, but is still prevalent in America today.  I admired the determination, dedication, hardworking, compassion that Thomas and Anna gave to the six young boys that Thomas was caring for. The history of America shined forth throughout the story with the ugliness of hatred, prejudice and events that many have forgotten is part of our history. Eide penned a superb historical romance that was raw at times to moments of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance being given. I highly recommend Wings like a Dove to fans of historical Christian fiction. There are many lessons that can be applied to our culture today. Another thought to ponder from Anna: “Will not all need mercy at some time in our lives? Mercy we do not deserve? It is a precious gift and yet it is free. Forgiveness and mercy are always possible because they are gifts from God.”

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. I was under no obligation to write a positive review but I have expressed my own sincere thoughts. I’m glad I decided to read this book while it’s on tour with Celebrate Lit Bloggers. 

Click here to get your copy.

About the Author

Camille writes poignant, inspirational love stories some call “more than a romance.” She lives in Oregon with her husband and is a mom, grandma, office admin, lead foot, cinnamon roll baker, and a bass guitarist. She’s a fan of muscle cars, tender romance, and Peanut M&Ms.

More from Camille

If Only I Could Fly Away…
“Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest. I would flee far away and stay in the desert; I would hurry to my place of shelter, far from the tempest and storm.” -Psalm 55:6-8
What do you think of when you read this passage from Psalms? Does the idea of escape tempt you? Have you ever cried out for relief from life’s storms?
In Wings Like a Dove, Anna faces growing difficulties in her life. Psalm 55:6 is brought to her attention and she ponders it more than once, especially as the difficulties in her life steadily increase.
As Polish Jews in the early 1900s, Anna’s family lived in constant upheaval, so fleeing danger is nothing new to her. The problem is that Anna craves connection and community. While she was often uprooted, at least Anna enjoyed the security of family—until now. As the story begins, she is turned out of her home and must journey across the country alone, a heartache that only intensifies the persecution she faces as a Jew, an immigrant, and an unwed woman with child.
But her journey is temporarily delayed out of necessity, and she quickly falls in love with those who have taken her in. The idea of leaving them is as painful a prospect as leaving her own family, but because of the troubles that follow her, it seems she has no choice.
Psalm 55:6 isn’t tempting Anna to leave her surroundings; it tempts her to escape the negativity that robs her joy.
For Anna, and for the rest of us, we can’t flee trouble any more than we can grow wings and fly. The desire for relief is understandable. But what if there is a purpose in the difficult situations we face? What if we are called to more than simply outlast life’s storms? What if our weakest moment is exactly what God wants to use to show his power, love, mercy, and grace?
What if God is waiting for us to stop fluttering our wings and find joy in knowing that we are in the very place we need to be, for a purpose, for such a time as this?
Quote from Anna:
“If these past months have taught me nothing else, they have taught me that though I am only a seed blowing in the wind, I must still be fruitful wherever I land. I have learned that wherever we find ourselves, we must have the courage to stretch out roots and produce something useful, even in times of difficulty. We must bloom boldly in whatever field our seed has fallen.”
 May you find the sweet spot of joy and purpose in the midst of your storm!


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To celebrate her tour, Camille is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon card & a signed book!!
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Secrets of Willow Springs - Book 2: The Amish of Lawrence County

Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers! It's because of HIM and His great love for us ~~ Laura V Hilton and family 

Secrets of Willow Springs - Book 2: The Amish of Lawrence County 


Just for the Summer: (A Fun Swapped Roles Contemporary Clean Romance Novel)

  Just for the Summer:  (A Fun Swapped Roles Contemporary Clean Romance Novel)  March 19, 2024 by  Melody Carlson   (Author) Ginny Masters m...