Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whisk Bliss

Shirley J Whisk Bliss is a universal cooking base that is quick, delicious, healthy, and versatile. Whisk Bliss is a just-add-water cream sauce that makes for Alfredo, gravy, soups, sauces, dips and much more. It can be seasoned, salted and garnished, or mixed with cheese, tomatoes and veggies—and that’s just the beginning.

We decided to try a sample of Whisk Bliss and planned Shrimp Alfredo to try it with. There are three recipes on the back of the package, and one of them is for Pasta Alfredo. Combine contents of package with 2 cups water, stir, bring to boil, add ¼ cup Parmesan cheese, stir, and simmer 5 minutes. Very simple to make.

The children all said they liked it, with the exception of my oldest son who grunted out “Needs pepper.” (But he was in a find fault with everyone mood)

The other two recipes are for Old-fashioned Sausage Gravy or Broccoli and Cheddar Soup. There are more recipes available at

One packet of Whisk Bliss makes 2 cups of Alfredo Sauce, 3 servings of Old-Fashioned Sausage Gravy, and 3 servings of Broccoli and Cheddar Soup so the average family will need to plan accordingly. Whisk Bliss is available at your favorite supermarket or for those who like to order on-line, at Amazon.

Shirley J Whisk Bliss uses a base of healthy sunflower oil, which gives it the velvety texture that cooks and consumers love. It contains a fourth of the calories of a made-from-scratch white sauce and has less sodium content than white sauce market alternatives. The Whisk Bliss also serves as a perfect substitute for any condensed cream soup. It is lighter and healthier with less sodium, fewer calories and easier on the food budget!

Shirley J products have been time-tested by Master Chefs in commercial kitchens for more than 30 years! After 30 years, the products that have been proven in the most demanding commercial kitchens are now available for every home chef. $9.95 at Amazon --

Also available in Gluten free.

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