Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today's Shadows

Author: Becky Melby
Publisher: Barbour Books
December 2012
ISBN: 978-1616262402
Genre: contemporary romance

Sometimes the past is right in front of you…

Heather Conrad has a chance to start over. Thirty days to forget a painful breakup and work on a business plan while house-sitting for her former boss. But last-minute changes leave Heather in charge of watching a lakeside Victorian mansion and her boss’s seven-year-old daughter, Izzy. Then unsettling events convince Heather something isn’t right around the house.

Security systems installer Ryan Tobin’s goal is to become a police detective. Within hours of meeting Heather, they discover secret doors and a hidden stairway leading to clues of a turn-of=the-century maid who may have been a passenger on the Titanic. Ryan helps search for answers…while using his detective skills  to protect Heather and Izzy from a possible stalker.

As fear escalates and questions about the pass and the present multiply, will Ryan and Heather find answers in hundred-year-old words, an old steamer trunk…and each other?

TODAY’S SHADOWS is part of the Lost Sanctuary series, but it easily stands alone. I hadn’t read any of the books in this series and had no trouble keeping up. The first two books are Tomorrow’s Sun and Yesterday’s Stardust (not necessarily in that order) for those who want to read the complete series.

I enjoyed getting to know Heather and Ryan and Izzy added a nice twist. I thought I had the plot and storyline figured out, but I had some really unexpected surprises along the way. This book is not predicable. It was a fun modern day romance set in a historical mansion with secrets of it’s own. Another parallel historical romance is included, worked into the story.  If you like contemporary romances then don’t miss TODAY’S SHADOWS. $12.99. 320 pages.

Discussion questions are included at the end. 

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Judy said...

Thanks for your great review Laura. Melba is a new author to me. I am looking forward to reading Today's Shadows.

Judy B