Saturday, February 14, 2015

Breaker's Reef

BREAKER'S REEF by Terri Blackstock (Book 4 of the Cape Refuge Series)

And God wins.

I do not, in the least, mean for the three previous words to be flippant, sarcastic, or misconstrued in any way.  God wins!  Terri Blackstock weaves this theme throughout her Cape Refuge Series, and greatly desires that if you don’t get anything else from her works of fiction, you will come away with this message:  God wins!

When a teenage girl’s body is discovered in a boat between Tybee Island and Cape Refuge, all evidence points to a famous mystery writer who has taken up residence in the small town, Marcus Gibson.  Sheila Caruso, a newly-employed secretary for the best-selling author, discovers that a scene in one of his books perfectly mirrors the crime scene, and the author’s eccentricities lend support to the theory.

When a second dead teenager is discovered – again, paralleling a scene from one of Gibson’s novels – Police Chief Cade is pretty much convinced he has his man.  Then Sheila’s daughter, Sadie, goes missing.  In a race against time, there are many questions to be answered.  And many lessons to be learned.

Facing the challenges of stereotypes, prejudice, injustice, and the ever-present darkness of the human heart, Terri Blackstock just wants every one of her readers to know . . . God wins.

In the latest chapter of the series, BREAKER’S REEF, Terri Blackstock brings new challenges to familiar faces.  While references are made to situations in the previous books, BREAKER’S REEF is easily read on its own.  Readers new to the Cape Refuge series will be able to meet the residents of Cape Refuge, and develop a relationship with them that will instill in them a desire to “go back to the beginning.” 

5 Stars for a message for page-turning suspense!

Terri Blackstock
ISBN  978-0-310-34278-6
Fiction / Christian / Suspense
329 pages
$ 10.99 (U.S.)

review by Steve

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