Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Story Behind the Story by Jim O'Shea

There's nothing better than a good murder mystery, but often secular market offerings are full of gratuitous sex, language, and violence. My goal with "Blood Sisters" was to craft a classic Agatha Christie-style whodunit, yet omit scenes featuring the violent attacks, course language, and sexual deviations. 

My previous Christian fiction novels addressed the dynamic of science and faith. My belief is that the natural world can reveal God's presence and glory through science, and I've attempted to tell that story with my first two books and the one due out next year. Blood Sisters, however, was based on a daydream I had years ago.

In that dream, twin boys were roughhousing on a bridge over a flowing river and one fell in. The body of the boy that fell was never recovered and, over time, the search was abandoned. Twenty years later, the surviving twin began to see his dead brother in passing cars and buses and outside his office window. Then things really got strange. That dream morphed into the initial plot for Blood Sisters, but I had no idea at the time how it would turn out. Even I was surprised at the ending!

I hope you give my new thriller a chance, and I'll be anxious to hear your thoughts in an Amazon review or here on Laura's blog.


Libby Meeker is seeing things.

The young Salt Lake City architect and her parents are experiencing visions of Libby's twin sister, despite the fact that Melissa died mysteriously almost one year ago. If that's not bad enough, her fragile world begins to completely unravel when a serial killer surfaces in northern Utah, and a series of bizarre clues and events lead homicide Detective Troy Hunter to Libby...and nearly unspeakable possibilities.


Author of two highly-rated thrillers (The Linen God and The Reluctant Disciple), Jim O’Shea spends his time crafting novels of suspense that often tackle the dynamic between faith and science. Jim believes God continues to reveal his creation masterpiece through scientific discovery, and that Christian fiction is a great tool to expose those emerging truths.
His third novel, “Blood Sisters”, takes a more traditional approach to mystery thrillers with a mind-bending whodunit in the tradition of Agatha Christie, Harlan Coben, and Michael Connelly. His fourth novel, “I, Witness”, will return to his faith/science roots and feature a compelling blend of espionage, leading-edge science, and salvation.

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