Sunday, April 4, 2021

From Death to Life By Jenna V Hilton


My pitbull lab mix, Skye, has something against squirrels. She just can’t stand them. Every year, when it starts warming up and the squirrels start scampering up and down trees, Skye chases at least one into the cement block steps in front of the backyard shed. One time, Skye was doing her usual act, running back and forth, whining and drooling, so I caught her, picked her up and went inside with her so the poor squirrel could recover from its fright and get out of there. I waited about fifteen minutes. When I went back out to check on the squirrel, it was still there. So, figuring it had died of fright, I started to the cement block, and that squirrel just about scared ME to death when it darted out of there, vaulted the fence and ran off.

It must’ve been a similar experience for those Roman soldiers guarding Jesus’s tomb! He had been crucified, he was dead for three days now, and all of a sudden, there’s an earthquake? And the stone is rolled away and the tomb is EMPTY? I’d like to think that God had a good laugh up in Heaven! God and Jesus love us so much that a little thing like being dead isn’t going to stop Him from saving our lives.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for your son dying and rising from the dead. Help us to remember what Jesus did, not only on Easter, but every day. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Happy Easter!  He is risen!

Jenna V. Hilton is nineteen, and lives in Arkansas with her parents, two sisters, a brother, and dog.  She is a senior in high school and planning to attend college to become a veterinarian.


B. J. Bassett said...

He is risen indeed.

HeidiDruKortman said...

He is Risen indeed! And, Good Story.

Julie Arduini said...

I love it!

Marilyn R. said...

A great devotional, Jenna.

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