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Roxie, the Traveling Rocker (The Traveling Series) #ChildrensBook

 Roxie, the Traveling Rocker 

(The Traveling Series) 

June 24, 2022

by Becky Van Vleet (Author)

Roxie loves to rock and read as she travels to the homes of three children and enjoys their hundreds of books. The children discover she is magical when she grows bigger in size--with a POOF-POP—as each one grows up. But Roxie is not prepared for what she discovers in her last home. Join Roxie as she travels from home to home and ends up on the biggest adventure of her life.

My thoughts:  This book took my back when I was a little girl and loved tp read in my child-size rocker. My rocker was just a plain rocker though and didn't wiggle and giggle and grow.  Roxie does and her family's little girl adored her and Roxie felt the same until one day when she was given to a (oh, horrors) a boy! And its your typical boy who would rather play with dinosaurs and caves...  My youngest daughter checked it out to read for the young childen she watches, and she kept saying "Poor Roxie".  We both really liked the story and the picture of the real Roxie at the back.  The illustrator was very talented.   I was given a copy free and all opinions are my own.

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