Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keys to Destiny

Author: Craig Dressler
Publisher: Morris Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-8778247-1-7
Genre: Inspirational/Christian living

The Bible states that people perish because of lack of vision—a clear idea of where we are headed and how to get there. KEYS TO DESTINY will help you stay on track by identifying the areas of our lives that must be brought into alignment with His will.

The land of promise is not some make-believe place, but an actual realm. Ruling and reigning becomes a way of life. But in order to reach destiny, you must understand certain key principles and act on them.

According to Mr. Dressler, in KEYS TO DESTINY, each of the twelve tribes of Israel represents a different key. It took the whole nation to enter the Promised Land, just as we will need to incorporate each of these principles into our lives.

As there are technically thirteen tribes, in the Bible, Mr. Dressler uses that tribe as the compass to guide us in the way that we should head, as he maintains that without it, purpose does not exist and life is virtually meaningless.

KEYS TO DESTINY is small booklet, only 50 pages, which is easily read in one sitting. However, to fully understand the book, you will need to take the book in smaller sections, studying each, learning from it, and doing additional research to validate what Mr. Dressler teaches, according to God’s word. I’m not exactly sure where Mr. Dressler got the idea that each of the tribes represents a virtue that we need to reach our vision, but it does make for some interesting reading. $6.95, available on

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