Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working Mom's 411

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4 stars

Working Mom’s 411
Michelle LaRowe
Regal Books

Reviewed by Laura V. Hilton

Have you ever wondered how some moms seem to do it all?

In Working Mom’s 411, Michelle LaRowe shares from her experience as a Nanny, and household manager, to teach moms how to balance their time between work, children, and personal life.

Taking you from the time you realize you are expecting, and are worried about how to tell your boss, Ms. LaRowe will teach you how to research the pregnancy leave laws in your state to make sure you will have a job when you return, and how to talk to relatives you think you are selfish wanting to return to work; to scenes where you might have a sick child and need to find alternate care for him.

Some of the scenes are written as plays and are quite humorous. Some of them are not so humorous. There are also question and answer times in each chapter where Michelle La Rowe answers questions from real moms. It will help find super solutions to problems, and also includes expert advice, and tried-and-true tips.

Some recipes are included that are guaranteed to be quick and healthy meals for the working mom and the family. Things like fish tacos, tri-tip roast, and others.

I did think that Working Mom’s 411 would be a bit different than it was – maybe more a guide for even the mom working at home. But this is more a guide for the mom that works away from home, teaching her how to balance her career, with coming home to a house that still has chores needing attention, and children needing mom.

Some of the answers are great and will be really helpful for the mom who has to work (or wants to work) and can’t stay home with the little ones. Working Mom’s 411 will show you how to do it all, and may even allow you some time to sit back and kick your feet up. $14.99. 252 pages.

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