Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where the Truth Lies

Authors: Elizabeth Ludwig & Janelle Mowery
Publisher: Heartsong Presents Mysteries
ISBN: 978-1-59789-530-9
Genre: Inspirational/cozy mystery

Casey Alexander is shocked when the local police believe that her aunt committed suicide. Okay, the only suicide notes she’s seen have been in her favorite mystery books, but her aunt’s note is nothing like the ones in the books, so Casey is convinced that someone murdered her beloved aunt.

But the police and other residents in the town are shocked at the idea that a murder might have occurred in their sleepy little town. Still, someone has something to hide, because Casey is barely investigating twenty-four hours before someone tries to run her off the road. And then her brakes are cut…

Luke Kerrigan, nursery owner, happens to be on hand each time an attack against Casey occurs and he’s her first (and top) suspect. But is Luke stalking her? Does he have something to hide? The secrets Casey uncovers will turn the small community upside down.

WHERE THE TRUTH LIES is a fun read, with a lot of unexpected twists. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Casey, and the quirky residents in this little town. Casey is realistic, wanting answers since she disagrees with the polices’ decision, but often makes a laughing stock of herself since she fancies herself an investigator, based on the mystery books she devours.

I enjoyed reading WHERE THE TRUTH LIES, the first book in the Massachusetts Mayhem Mystery series by this new author duo. But since the cozy mystery line was discontinued, we’ll have to wait for the collection of three to come out before we read the rest of the story. Don’t miss WHERE THE TRUTH LIES available at, or at $6.95. 243 pages.

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Janelle said...

Thank you for taking the time to read our book. Glad you enjoyed it. We expect the collection to come out next year.

You have great reviews. I'll have to bookmark your site.