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Book Spotlight: Micah

Title: MICAH
Author: Dani Ramsey
Publisher: Xulon
June 2012
ISBN:    978-1-6203-0082-4
Genre: Nonfiction / biography

At the age of 15, Micah Ramsey was athletic, bright, well-liked, hard-working, and a devoted Christian. Upon returning from a mission trip on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana, Micah was diagnosed with a "train-wreck" of a cancer called "Ewing's Sarcoma."

Walk through Micah's journey as his true story is told by his mom, and be inspired by his life. As you peer into this young man's life you will be encouraged. Micah's response to his apparent "death sentence" was, "We as human beings were created by God to worship and glorify Him. It is what we are designed to do. God also has had a plan for us since before we were born. Apparently one of His plans for my life is that I was to fight cancer. This is so that I can glorify and serve Him in some way. I do not know what this way is. What He is doing, I'm sure, my simple mind cannot fathom. God is all-knowing and I am not. That is the plain and simple truth. He is going to be GREATLY GLORIFIED through me fighting cancer. Not because I'm some great person, but because He is a great, mighty, and a totally awesome God."

Read excerpts of Micah's journals and notes and prayers. Prepare to be challenged to know God and trust Him with your life. Micah's story in a sense is all our stories. We each have a path to walk and a plan to fulfill. May you be encouraged and blessed by one young man's story of faith, endurance, and ultimately triumph.

Available in ebook and paperback. 144 pages. 

About the author:

Dani Ramsey is a "nobody, telling everybody about someone named Jesus." She serves the Lord with her husband and children in the rural town of Rosedale, West Virginia. Together they have hosted thousands of mission workers, and ministered in the area for over 14 years. 

Married for over 25 years, Dani considers her husband, Clark, to be her soul mate and best friend. Clark and Dani love Christ, and try to spend their time on earth caring about the only things that are eternal: God, His Word, and the souls of men and women. 

Second only to the Lord, their children: Jeremiah, Micah, Charity, and Joy are the love of their life. When not ministering, their family enjoys fishing, hunting, gardening, farming, and sports. They all look forward to spending eternity with Jesus- TOGETHER FOREVER.

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